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Professional corn milling companies

  We are professional corn milling companies from China. This is a brief introduction to our Shining’s corn mill machine series, the functions and products they can produce. Including corn cleaning machine, peeling machine, grits machine and milling machine. Those corn machines do the corn peeling, grits making and flour milling works. We have stand-alone machines and production lines.

corn milling companies

Corn cleaning machine

  Our Corn Cleaning Machine is a combined automatic running machine to remove leaves, corn cobs, soils, stones pieces and other impurities from the corn seeds. This is very necessary process to make the seeds clean and it protects the machines working in the following process, like dehusking / peeling and flour milling machine. Our 6FW-G13 is a Combined Cleaner with grading-sieve, gravity-sifting and wind-sifting system. 

Corn peeling machine

If you need peeled corn with broken size, like one corn into 4-5 pieces without skin, root, germ and others, this 6FW-B2 is suitable:

-The corn can be cleaned, peeled, embryo removed and root removed at one time.
-Dry and wet way applicable, with beautiful appearance, strong and reliable, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
-Peeling performance rate: About 98% | Production capacity: About 200~400KG/H

Corn milling machine

  These corn mill machines are not like ordinary corn crushing machines, but are intensive grinders which produce best quality of corn grit and corn flour by way of peeling corn seed skin, removing germ, root, and hilum, etc. If you want to know more related information, you can click on the corresponding picture.


Primary and simple machine.With the wet milling technology, there should be at least twice times peeling before milling. Capacity:100~200KG/H


You can adjust the Fineness wheel on the right of the machine to get 7 sizes of corn grits from half corn seeds
to corn flour. Capacity:150~250KG/H


Surface treatment adopts powder coating to protect metal materials from oxidation, corrosion and damage. Capacity:300~350KG/H


You just need to peel one time before milling. There are 22 different sizes of corn flour to choose from. Capacity:350~400KG/H


It adopts dry peeling technology, no need wetting before milling. With higher productivity. Capacity:400~500KG/H

6FW-PH (Auto)

One person can operate, reducing labor costs. The effect of final calssifying system is excellent. Capacity:400~500KG/H

Corn production lines

We have a 100T corn flour mill in the factory, which is one of the best corn grinders.
-It has powerful functions-designed to grind corn and other grain foods (such as corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, soybeans, cocoa and other beans) multi-function.
-Low power, low labor cost, low noise, high efficiency, flexible operation, easy maintenance.
-In line with international standards milling head and roller and chain drive transmission system, mature technology and quality reliable.
-Low labor required, 2 workers are enough to operate the whole line.

Shining's Corn Mill

About Shining Corn Milling

  We have full series of corn machine from one function model to multifunctional models. We have small capacity models and also can build large processing line upto 500TPD capacity. The peeled corn we get is purely peeled, no skin, germ, root and black hilum and so on. The grits we produced is very bright color, good looking and taste. It is suitable for extruding snack food or making soap. The flour we produced is very fine, pure and suitable for Fufu, Ugali, Nshima, Sadza, Posho food for human consuption. No matter what final product you need, it is the best quality in your market for sure.

corn milling companies
corn milling companies

  We supply you the machines and the full pack after sale service, including operation training, local installation if needed, remote assistance and one year warranty for the whole machine. We will help you to start your business and make sure you sucess on it. So, we can help you research your market, find out the best products which is popular in your market and make the best design which can bring you the most profit.

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As one of the corn milling companies. Our machines cooperate with many customers at reasonable and competitive prices. Choose our machine to bring you more profits.
If you are interested in our machines, please fill in your requirements and we will contact you as soon as possible.
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