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corn mill grinder for sale


♥Low investment

♥With the wet milling technology

♥Can produce 7 different sizes corn products


  We have corn mill grinder for sale with competitive prices. 6FW-C1 is a primary, single set and simple operation machine. With the wet milling technology. The machine is our unique and patented machine with unique peeling and milling technology. Our machines are very competitive and are sold all over the world.

corn mill grinder for sale

-Cleaning, peeling, crushing, polishing and sieve classifying into flour, grits as per customer’s different request.
-Clean the material seeds, de-stone, remove dirt.
-Peel the seeds skin.
-Remove the germ, radical, and black hilum.
-Peeling performance rate About 98% is great, you can get more.
-Good peeling performance. Compared with other companies’ machines, our machines can let you get more high-quality finished products.

Parameters of corn mill grinder

Raw materialCorn, rice and wheat, etc.
Production capacityAbout100~200KG/H
Motor power7.5kw-4p
Net weightAbout 270kg
Dimension1800*500 *1100 mm
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Finished product of corn mill grinder

-The corn machine could finish cleaning, bark peeling, removeing embryo, radicel and black umbo, curshing, taking grain,classification,polishing and intensive selecting.
-The corn mill grinder can produce 7 different sizes corn products.
-After processing, the finished products of corn grain could enter the super market and wholesale market food and oil directly.

About our activity

corn mill machine fnished product
Lucky draw for Shining flour mill
Lucky draw

According to the email received, among 50 customers interested in our equipment, a lucky customer was randomly selected, and a set of equipment priced below US$3,000 will be sent for free.

In order to thank all new and old customers for their support and trust, we hold some activities.

♥ Note: Does not include import and export costs, freight, costs incurred during transportation, etc.

Professional corn grinder manufacturer

-We were established in 1982 and have been engaged in corn and grain processing equipment for more than 30 years.
-At present, we have obtained 55 national invention patents and mastered core technology patents in the fields of corn, soybean hulls and milling.
-Our products are exported to more than 55 countries around the world.
-We have many agents. For example: India, South Africa, Italy, Nigeria, Ukraine.
♥Hope you can also become one of our agents.

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1800*500 *1100 mm



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