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flour mill plant

Fully automatic
Occupies small space
Produces high quality flour
Includes cleaning, peeling, flour milling


Flour mill plant is an advanced automatic corn flour milling machine line for high grade market. Whole line includes cleaning, peeling, flour milling. 6FW-8AB is easy to operate, occupies small space, but high efficient and produces high quality flour.

Flour mill plant including cleaner machine
Flour mill plant is including peeling machine
Flour mill plant is including flour mill machine
Automatic feeding

Special advantages:
♥ main flour miller ,Cleaning machine and peeling machine can work independently.
♥ You can get another complete peeling production line including cleaning, conveyor, and peeling machine.

Main feature:
–Cleaning, peeling, milling and sieve classifying into flour.
–Cleaning machine is to remove all dirt such as iron, stone, soil, or others.
–Peeling machine is to remove corn germ, remove root and black hilum then separate.
–Can adjust the machine and change sieve size to control fineness of the flour.

Flour mill plant’s parameter

Model6FW-8ABNet weightAbout 1800KG
Raw materialCornDimension7000*1500*3500mm
Production capacity8ton/dayWarranty1 year
Motor power31.6kwQualityHigh Equipment
Flour mill plant’s finished product

Flour mill’s finished product

1.6FW-8AB can produce corn grits of different sizes.
2. Corn bran flour can be used as feed for raising livestock.
3. Highest quality of pure corn flour without any black dots (black hilum).
4. Finished product can meet the needs of supermarkets and markets and can be sold directly.

Flour mill finished product expand your business

If you want to expand your business, you can also use our extruder to start a small business. Use our B007 machine for further processing to make healthy and delicious puffed snacks.

❤ Small business that can make whole grain snacks.
❤ Small space, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
❤ Simple operation and power saving.

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corn puffs extruder machine
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Our flour mill plant can be used alone for multiple functions, including cleaning, peeling and grinding.

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