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Guangzhou Shining Grain Processing Equipment

Company Introduction


Flour Milling Machine
Mini Dal Mill
Maize Milling Machine

We began to engage in the grain processing industry, producing such as FLour Milling Machine, Mini Dal Mill and Maize Milling Machine as early as the early 1980s. The company was formally established in 2001 and currently has 30 years of development. It has been transformed from a small family workshop of 2 people to a large modern factory. With an area of more than 100 thousand square meter, consisting of 2 machinery production workshops, 3 finished product warehouses, 1 super large exhibition hall, 1 grain processing factory, 1 large grain warehouse and a corn oil processing demonstration base, etc. Our employs are more than 150 people. 

We start from the original door-to-door repair and replacement. And now we have developed into a one-stop service, including research and development, design, production, domestic and foreign sales, installation & maintenance, and related industry integration. At present, our company has become a leading force in the grain processing industry. 

Small flour milling machine
Semi automatic mini dal mill
Small maize milling machine

Industry Experience

Our core technician, starting from the maintenance of traditional equipment, after 30 years, slowly explore the characteristics of grain processing, according to the industry development situation and market needs, upgrade the grain processing equipment made in China. Such as Small flour milling machine, Semi automatic mini dal mill and Small maize milling machine. The capacityup to 500TPD), product yield rate (up to more than 90%), processing function and diversity of processed raw grains (more than 30 kinds of grains and beans) are several times more than the traditional equipments.

We already have 25 national invention patents, and we have 15 more to apply for. We can design and manufacture a complete set of maize milling plant with a daily output of over 500 tons, which cannot be achieved by other factories. Our flour milling and dal mill machine have also reached the international advanced level, and has solved many processing problems that foreign customers cannot solve.

Shining Projects

A complete set of 100TPD peas processing plant in France.  Including Cleaning, Peeling, Splitting and Polishing. It is made mainly by stainless steel. Very stable and durable. 

100 TPD capacity maize/corn processing plant with cleaning, peeling, de-germing, milling, polishing, grading and packing functions for corn grits, corn germ and fine corn flour.

100TPD lentils processing plant (Dal Mill Plant) includes cleaning, peeling, color sorting, splitting, grading, polishing and auto packing, running in Ethiopia. It produces the best quality lentils. 

Our machine is used in a China AID Project to Ghana in 2017. We use good mechanical quality and processing results to contribute to the friendship between China and Canada.

Shining Customers

Now, we already cooperated with customers from 54 countries. 

Asia, such as Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan,  Thailand, UAE, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, etc.; Africa, such as Algeria, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, etc.; 

Europe, such as Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, etc.; North and South America, such as Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Ecuador, Peru, United States, etc.; Oceanic, such as New Zealand.

Our products and services have won unanimous praise from many customers, and they purchase machines again and introduce our products to friends. Some customers have become our distributors in countries such as Nigeria, India, Bulgaria, South Africa, Ukraine, Italy, etc. Everyone is welcome to become our distributor, please feel free to contact us for cooperation. 

Know More About Shining

If you need FLour Milling Machine, Mini Dal Mill and Maize Milling Machine, welcome to contact us freely. 

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