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Peace 2024

PEACE 2024 As we step into 2024, the world stands at a crossroads, bruised but hopeful. The global events of 2023 have been challenging, with conflicts and tensions simmering across the globe. Yet, from these ashes of discord, a yearning for peace has emerged stronger than ever. The international community has reached a tipping point. […]

Disk Mill Machine Order Blowout

Disk Mill Machine Order Blowout So far this year, our Disk Mill Machine orders have increased significantly. More and more customers like this product. Because we have upgraded product design, improved output and quality, and can produce finer powder. Based on the high cost performance of our equipment, more customers choose high-capacity models. Such as […]

Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year 2023! Although it is already January of the 23rd year of the Gregorian calendar, the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year has not yet begun. Compared with the New Year’s Day holiday, the Lunar New Year is the most anticipated and grand festival for Chinese people. Because at the beginning of this new […]

Flour Mill Orders

Flour Mill Orders in 2022.11 Flour mill orders in Nov. 2022. After 3 year’s COVID-19, all the world suffers a lot of damage to living and business. All the problems happened during those time, let us know one truth. We human people need food to survive. No matter we are healthy or sick, rich or […]

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