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Small Dal Mill | Maize miling Machine - 5P/5Y

The installation of our FLour Milling Machine, Small Dal Mill and Maize Milling Machine is very easy. Most parts of the machines are installed already  before delivery. Such as steel structure, main parts inside, motors, belts and cover. You need only to connect some pipes, the cable line with motor and test it. Only few large processing line need our technician to go to your place and install it for you.

For the maintenance, our machine only need to change some spare parts after longtime using. At the beginning, you may need our help to adjust the machines, or replace some parts. You can maintain by yourself easily after familiar with it.

Flour Mazie Milling Machine Installation

After the equipment arrives, you can choose the following installation methods

Simple Machine

It is the most easier one. You can install it by yourself or by local technicians. Only need to connect some pipes and the motor with electricity. All others are fixed before delivery. Please pay attention to make sure that the motor rotation is the same as the mark on it.

Small Process Line

You can install it according to the marks on machine or help of local technicians. Besides connecting the machines with pipes, screw conveyor or bucket elevator, you also need connect all the motors with electric cable. Pay attention to the motor rotation direction too.

Large Process Line

You can invite local professional technicians to install it if possible or our technicians will install it for you. If we install it, we need your help to arrange the VISA and pay the accommodation, foods and salary during the technician’s work in your area.

Maize Dal Mill Machine Maintainence

When the equipment needs maintenance or repair, we provide the following supports:

The manual books shows equipment main parameters, operating principles and trouble shooting. You or local technicians can maintain or troubleshoot the machine accordingly.

If it can’t work well still, we can provide remote technical guidance based on on-site photos and videos. If the local network speed is good, we can conduct live video connection to solve it.

If the above cannot solve the problem, we will send technician to repair it on site. No fee is charged during the warranty period, but customers need to arrange VISA and local food and accommodation. After the warranty period, additional wages and parts cost are required. 

(We do not suggest take this step at the beginning. This costs more time and money. And without enough information, our technician does not know which spare parts should be replaced and taken to you.)


assure you that after you purchasing the equipment, we will make it work well in your place. Such as FLour Milling Machine, Small Dal Mill and Maize Milling Machine, etc. In addition, in some countries, we have cooperative dealers who can provide services including the purchase of machines, on-site installation, maintenance and repair, and replacement of spare parts. It will be more convenient for you to use equipment.

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