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Flour Mill Machine | Dal Mill Machine | Corn Mill Machine

Flour Mill Machine | Dal Mill Machine | Corn Mill Machine​ are our star products and very popular. After 30 years researching in this industry, now we produce all the series of machines, such as cleaning, peeling, splitting, grading, polishing, milling and packing. Whether single machine with small capacity or large capaity processing line, they are all available here. They can process almost all the grains grown in the world. We are sure that you can find the suitable solution to your business as below, or your can contact us directly. We will give you the best offer.

Select By Grains

We Have Equipments For All Grain Processing

Corn / Maize

We have all the machines for corn / maize cleaning, peeling, grinding, milling packing and so on. You can get peeled corn, corn grits, endosperm flour and fine corn flour.


Those are mini flour mill or large flour mill plant to make wheat flour, like atta chakki and maida flour, or semolina. They are also for buckwheat, barley and so on

Beans / Pulses

Dal mill Machine with cleaning, peeling, splitting, grading and polishing for Soybean, Lentils, Peas, Cowpea, Mung beans, Black Gram, Chickpeas and so on


We don’t produce all the grains in China. You can send us your grains to test. Until Now, it is proved that most of the grains can be processed by our machines.

Select By Functions

All The Function Of Grain Processing

Peeling & Splitting

Dal Mill

Peeling is a process to remove the skin/husk/coating of grains, including cereals and pulses/beans. It is called Dal Mill too

Grinding For Grits

Corn Mill

This is a special grinding process we have. You can get large grits, small grits and little endosperm flour after grinding. Mainly for Corn/Maize

Milling For Flour

Flour Mill

Milling or Crushing grains into fine flours for human consumption or meal for animal food. They are Disk Mill, Hammer Mill and Roller Mill.


Cleaning And Others

Whole Process

Cleaning, removes impurities. Polishing, rubs the grains. Grading, separates the different sizes. Packaging, Color Sorting and so on.

Select By Capacities

We have All the Capacities You need

Less Than 100Kg/h

Home Business

This is a series of Home Use Machines less than 100Kg/h capacity. Very easy to use at home or portable use. There is many small machines you can choose.

100Kg/h - 500kg/h

Small Business

Small Business Machines do not need much space but a small room or little warehouse. They need Three Phase Electricity to supply enough power. 

500kg/h - 2000kg/h

The Standard Business Machines need enough space like a Large Room or a Warehouse for the machine and store the raw materials and the finished products.


More Than 2000kg/h

Industry Business

Industry Business Processing Lines need a large and high warehouse for machines and another warehouse for materials and products.  With more than 2000kg/h capacity.

Select By Price​

What Is The Investments To Upgrade Your Business


Less Than $1000

per unit

Personal Machines cost much less than $1000. Normally, they are with lower capacities and used at home or a Restaurant Kitchen.


$1000 - $6000

per unit

Commercial Machines are for small business at home or Family Workshop. With those machines, you can sell the processed grains in market or your store.


$6000 - $12000

per unit

You can get a single machine, even a multi-functional Combined Machine or Small Processing Line within this budget.


More Than $12000

per set

Grain Processing Line for cereal and legumes, producing flours, grits or peeled and split beans for industrial business.

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