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Guangzhou Shining Grain Processing Equipment

Our Advantages

Why Choose Grain Processing Equipment from us


We build a modern factory in Shandong and we engage in this industry for more than 30 year' experience. Producing more than 200 units machines per month. Delivery within 15 days is guaranteed.


Our R&D department make the first class design balanced with power consumption, production yield and ergonomic machines. We have more than 50 patents related to this industry.


High grade materials make sure high strength working. First class design make sure higher output rate and lower wastage. The skilled workers and standard producing make sure stable machine quality.


Our service including machine introduction, cost calculation, transports, installation, teaching and maintenance. We also introduce related industry business and help you success.

Main Products

Dal Mill - Corn Mill - Flour Mill

Peeling & Splitting

Dal Mill

Peeling is a process to remove the skin/husk/coating of grains, including cereals and pulses/beans. It is called Dal Mill too

Grinding For Grits

Corn Mill

This is a special grinding process we have. You can get large grits, small grits and little endosperm flour after grinding. Mainly for Corn/Maize

Milling For Flour

Flour Mill

Milling or Crushing grains into fine flours for human consumption or meal for animal food. They are Disk Mill, Hammer Mill and Roller Mill.

Cleaning And Others

Whole Process

Cleaning, removes impurities. Polishing, rubs the grains. Grading, separates the different sizes. Packaging, Color Sorting and so on.

Shining Services

We Provides Full Package Services Related To This Industry

Informations Before order


Professional services including machine and process introduction, quotation, delivery and customs cost calculation, delivery time calculation and so on

How To Use Machines


Installation guidance to make sure the machine installed well. User guidance to teach workers operate machine well. Maintenance guidance etc.

Upgrade Production Scale


When you need to upgrade production scale, we can help to calculate the new machine costs, more space costs, workers and managing costs and so on

More Business Chain


Benefit from our 30 year’s experience in this industry, we can help you to expand your business chain, such as snack, baby food, baking, animal fodder and so on

Customer Feedbacks

Customers' Feedback About Our Equipments!

"I met them in Canton Fair and visited their factory. We tested the machines in showroom. The machines work well and I like them. Now I am their distributor in Nigeria."
Nigria sale agent
Yusuf Musa
CEO, YKM Products
"They have very modern and large factory. I am conquered by the machine working performance. And I know I am right as they got more than 50 patents."
India sale agent
Mr Bhushan
Boss, Polaris in India
"I bought a Flour Mill Machine in 2016. After two years' working, it still works well and no problem at all. I am very happy. I will come back to them when I need more machines."
agent in south africa
Girma Goshu
Engineer, South Africa

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