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200TPD peas processing line

The newly developed and designed pea processing line with a daily output of 200 tons by our company was successfully completed last month, passed the test, and delivered in time.

This is based on our 50-ton per day pea processing machine unit. After increasing the production capacity of the main machine, optimizing the processing technology, and optimizing the effect of peeling and splitting, the new generation with successful design which has large production capacity, small footprint, low energy consumption, and better peeling performance. 

peas processing line picture before paiting

Peas processing machine intorduction:

Peas Peeling (removing skin/dehulling), splitting(half size), bran separating & collecting, finished product collecting, dust removing

Main Parameter:

  • Capacity: 8 to 10 tons per hour
  • Power: 61.1kw/3 phase electricity
  • Dimension: 5*3.5*4.5m


  1. Small footprint
  2. Large production capacity
  3. Good processing effect
  4. Low waste rate
  5. cost-effective

3D drawing reference

50TPD peas processing line

The 50-ton peas peeling unit per day has been successfully produced for 5 years. Customers who have already bought it like it very much, and they all run good business as the profit is good. Based on the success of this product, we have developed the above new device with a daily output of 200 tons.

Finished products

1. The lower the water content, the better the processing effect and the higher the removal rate

2. Processing after size grading, the lower the broken rate, the higher the yield

3. The finished product can be graded again for next processing or sales in different markets

peas reference

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200TPD peas processing line is our latest research and development of large-capacity, cost-effective production units. Do you need this product? Please contact us for the latest quotation. Or know more about us and our products below:

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