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Disk Mill Machine Order Blowout

So far this year, our Disk Mill Machine orders have increased significantly. More and more customers like this product. Because we have upgraded product design, improved output and quality, and can produce finer powder. Based on the high cost performance of our equipment, more customers choose high-capacity models. Such as FC-45, FC-600 and FC-700 model.

Disk Mill to Africa

This is our dealer customer in Africa. They used to prefer the smaller FC-37 model because similar production capacity can be choosed in the local market. When we recommended an FC-45 model to him for testing, he immediately liked it. Because FC-45 has larger production capacity, although it is more expensive, it is more cost-effective. He did not hesitate and added 11 more. We firmly believe that in the future, more customers will like this model and we will establish distribution channels in more countries.

Disc Mill to South America

FC-600 disk mill parts
FC-600 disk mill packing
FC-600 disk mill packing
FC-600 disk mill delivery
FC-600 disk mill delivery

Our products are selling well in South America. Because this equipment has many applications, it can not only be used for grinding large particles to make animal feed, but also can be used for fine grinding for human food, it can also be used for grinding leaves and herbs, and it can even be used in the chemical industry.

Disk mills to Asia

This is also our old customer. He chose a large-capacity FC-700 model to produce whole wheat flour. It can produce more than 600kg of 70-mesh whole wheat flour per hour. This production capacity is already very large in the single-machine category.

Whole wheat flour contains all the nutrients of wheat and is healthier. More and more people like to use it to make food. Many countries in Asia, such as China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, etc., are increasingly fond of this flour. It can also be seen from the sales on Amazon and other sites that more and more people like whole wheat flour.

Our Disk mill machine can produce whole wheat flour in large quantities at one time. Unlike other equipment, other operations such as stirring and mixing are required after production is completed. It is a very cost-effective whole wheat flour production equipment.

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