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Many countries racing with food shortages

According to reports, many countries around the world are “racing” against the growing food shortage. Unusual weather conditions, geopolitical tensions and reduced yields due to climate-related factors are increasingly interacting with each other, causing rising food prices and an increasing likelihood of famine. The use of advanced technology and mechanical equipment to improve the yield and production efficiency can provide great help to food shortages.


At the end of July this year, in order to control the surge in domestic prices and ensure local rice supply, India announced a ban on the export of rice except parboiled rice and basmati rice. India’s export restrictions threaten to trigger a wider food crisis shortly after Russia withdrew from the Black Sea Food Agreement due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

worst drought


Argentina is one of the world’s important soybean exporters and corn producers. The country has suffered its worst drought in 60 years, leading to a sharp decline in soybean production.


In 2022, floods sweep large swaths of Pakistan. The area of farmland flooded is the size of the Czech Republic. More than 80% of Pakistan’s crops will be destroyed and the country will fall into a food crisis.


On the other side of the world where extreme weather events are becoming more frequent,  Spain have also experienced unprecedented drought this year.


Food shortages solution

Experts say there is a solution to the problem. Allowing free trade and growing better, more climate-resilient crop varieties may help mitigate future crises.

But we also believe there is another way that can help a lot. That is to comprehensively improve grain processing technology, adopt high-tech processing equipment, and increase the output and efficiency of finished products. Increase food production on the basis of the original grain production.

According to our calculations, compared with traditional processing methods, our mechanical equipment can increase the output by 5%. Based on a huge base, a 5% increase can satisfy a very large population.

Whether it is a small stand-alone machine or a large-scale production line, it can ensure the improvement of the taste and quality of the finished product, and increase the production capacity and production efficiency. Popularizing our equipment is also one of the ways to solve the food crisis.

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