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Atta Mill Machine

Whole Wheat Flour / Chakki Atta / Atta Flour

Corn Flour / Rice Flour / Beans Flour

Small but Strong Machine Body

Easy To Use and Upgrade

5 Year Longer Service Life



Atta Mill Machine

atta mill machine

Atta Mill Machine is a long-established machine in the grain processing industry that is simple to use and maintain and can process a wide variety of flours. By changing the screen, the flour produced can be used for animal feed as well as for human consumption. Because of its simple structure and low price, it is a star product that is widely used all over the world.
We use the latest technology and materials to improve the quality of 9FC-37, which can extend the life of the product by 5 years compared to similar products. This greatly improves the price/performance ratio.

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  • Whole wheat flour: atta flour or chakki atta
  • 8 – 100 mesh flour
  • Self-priming pipe
  • Automatic working with feeding, milling and sifting part

Atta Machine Parameters & Details

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum mung, Spices and so on
Production capacity450KG/H
Motor power7.5/11KW
Net weightAbout 226KG
Flour mesh20-100
Warranty1 year
  1. Strong fixed tooth plate and strength tooths. Long working life and easy to replace.
  2. 8-100 mesh to choose, screen / sieves with holes in high strength steel plate, durable
  3. The main host is sturdy and maintained, and works stably with the frame and motor
  4. Various fields of use, food processing, medicine, chemical industry, etc.

Milled Product

chakki atta flour

Whole wheat flour, also known as chakki atta flour. Because it retains all the nutrients of wheat, it is loved by people all over the world. It is used to make flatbreads such as chapati, roti, naan, paratha and puri in India. And some people use it to make bread.

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posho mill family

Atta Mill Machine 9FC-37 is one of our most exported models. Because its capacity has met most of the production needs, the price is also very competitive. If you need something smaller or larger, we have it. We also manufacture other equipment for cleaning, peeling, polishing, grading, packaging, etc. Large production lines can also be assembled for you.

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