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stone flour mill machine

♥Low speed grinding

♥Stable performance

♥Low temperature processing

♥The nutritional value of flour is higher


  Stone flour mill machine is equipped with modern automation technical process.The old technology takes on a new look and comes into life again. In modern times, people are more and more focusing on nutrient and healthy, and interested in old and simple technology. We specially developed this modern stone flour milling machine which does not destroy all nutrient substance of wheat.

  • At present, 6FW-100A is the most advanced stone flour mill in China.
  • -It will not destroy the nutrients in the flour, so the finished product is very popular in the market and also brings higher benefits.
  • -This machine has won unanimous praise and trust from customers.
  • -Stone flour mill is compact in structure, easy to operate, placed on a flat ground, feeding and receiving bran on a flat ground, which is convenient for maintenance.
  • -Compared with similar products in the market, this stone mill has the following characteristics:The equipment has complete functions and complete configuration, including stone mill body, round flour extracting system, flour changing device, bran release switch, receiving cabinet, bag dust removal system can reduce the dust concentration in the workshop, etc. Low power consumption, high degree of automation, less space needed, no special requirements for the workshop.

Parameters of stone flour mill machine

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum barley and so on
Production capacityAbout 250~350KG/H
Motor power10.8KW-4p
Flour mesh60~100

Finished product of stone flour mill machine

  • -Stone milled flour does not destroy the nutrients of wheat.
  • -The milled flour is not crushed bran, but flakes of bran, which retains the various nutrients in wheat to the greatest extent.
  • -We use low-speed grinding and low-temperature processing technology to protect the molecular structure of wheat, retain the original flavor of flour, higher nutritional value, flexible mouthfeel, rich wheat aroma, pure original flavor, green and natural.
stone flour mill machine

About our machine

  • Due to our advanced processing and production technology, excellent quality, perfect after-sales service and win-win business philosophy, our machines sell well all over the world, and have won unanimous praise from new and old customers. That’s why we can achieve steady growth in a highly competitive environment.

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