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best flour mill machine

√Highest level automation

√ Low maintenance cost


√Stable working

√Advanced technological process


Best Flour Mill Machine 6FW-50B

Best flour mill machine is here in Shining. We were established in 1982 and now have more than 30 years of industry experience. At present, our company has become a leading force in the grain processing industry. 6FW-50B We adopted highest level automation, only one worker required. Our unique design to save energy and low maintenance cost. Please know more at below:

best flour mill machine

Flour Mill Machine Main Details

-It is composed of  a strong crushing machine, roller mill, sifter and cyclone system.

best flour mill machine
best flour mill machine

Main features

  • Add control box and display panels in order to observe the capacity and micro feeder volume.
  • Main grinder transmission adopts chain type, which reduces working noise and saves spare teeth gear. This helps improve work efficiency and lowers grinding cost.
  • Adopt chain drive transmission system, more energy saving, but low maintenance cost.

  • Advanced technological process adopted highest level automation, only one worker required.
best flour mill machine
best flour mill machine
best flour mill machine

Flour Mill Machine Main Parameters

Model6FW-50BNet weightAbout 900kg
Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum mung and so onDimension2600*1400*3400mm
Production capacityAbout 12 ton per dayFlour mesh40~160
Motor power18.5kw-4p.Warranty1 year

Working Video For Flour Mill Machine

①Increase the screening area.
②Shortened working time.
③Increased output and work efficiency.

Final Products of Flour Mill Machine

best flour mill machine
Rice Flour
fully automatic flour mill


  • It can be used to produce flour from maize, wheat beans or other cereal grains. To work with a cleaning and peeling machine, result is the best.

Flour mesh 40~160

  • Composed of a 50-type grinding head and a powerful impact crusher. Adopt roller mill it can process grain flour with different meshes and different specifications.

Machines For Other Processing

corn peeler machine


Process to peel off corn skins, germs, root, hiliums and others for better quality corn grits and flour. Peeling multiple grains.

seed cleaning machine


Is a combined automatic running machine to remove leaves, corn cobs, soils, stones pieces and other impurities from the corn seeds.

fully automatic flour mill


It is composed of cleaning system, peeling system, grit milling system, flour milling system, dust control system, etc. All process goes automatically.

Machine Producing Process

corn milling companies

We have a complete production process.

  • All equipment Comply with ISO9001
  • Standardized production
  • Every machine tested strictly before delivery.
  • Advanced design, High grade steel materials, Standard produce process, Skilled workers, Strict test before shipping.
  • Professional service: Product use,Installation and operation guidance, machine maintenance

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