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traditional flour mill

√Low speed, low temperature

√ Simple operation

√Stable working

√Fully automatic

√save time and reduce labor costs


Traditional Flour Mill 6FW-100A

Traditional flour mill 6FW-100A adopts stone grinding processing. According to modern technology and ancient tradition of combining the process, carefully developed out. When the stone mill grinds wheat, its speed is slow, the heat generated is low, the protein is not matured, and the nutrients in the wheat cannot be destroyed. It is a truly natural and green healthy food. Please know more at below:

traditional flour mill

Traditional Flour Mill Main Details

-Main structure: The machine consists of the main machine grinding system, round Luo system, wind transportation system, silo system and rack, and special current display device.

traditional flour mill
traditional flour mill

Main features

  • Low-speed grinding and low-temperature processing will not destroy the nutrients in wheat.
  • On the basis of the original stone milling process, automatic material circulation is realized, and flour is automatically selected.
  • Low power consumption, high degree of automation, less space needed, no special requirements for the workshop.

Machine Main Parameters

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum barley and so on
Production capacityAbout 250~350KG/H
Motor power10.8KW-4p
Flour mesh60~100

Working Video For Traditional Flour Mill

A India customer came to our factory to test the equipment on site. He was very satisfied and placed the order immediately.

Final Products of Traditional Flour Mill

Whole wheat flour

traditional flour mill
fully automatic flour mill


  • It can grinding wheat, corn, mung beans and other grains. Suitable for grain processing plants, grain and oil shops, hotels, school (enterprise) canteens, etc.

Advanced technology advantages

  • This machine mills at low speed to maintain original molecular structure of wheat for getting original and authentic taste of wheat flour. Stone flour is more nutrient, better chewing mouth feel, real taste, healthy and helpful for high blood pressure or diabetes.

Cooperation with our customers

Indian customers visit our factory

Customer visit

In order to meet the special needs of Indian customers for professional processing equipment for grain machinery. Our company has developed a series of products. With personalized design, sophisticated equipment and first-class processing quality. Our products have now taken root in India, and Indian businessmen have also come to visit the factory and order equipment.

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This Traditional Flour Mill 6FW-100A can combine ancient craftsmanship with modern automation equipment. Greatly improve production efficiency. Reduce labor costs.
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