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Corn peeling and grits making machine

7.5+4 kw two motor design

 One machine for Peeling, Grinding & Sifting

Easy operation and flexible working

5 kinds of output with all sizes you need

Energy saving and more powerful


6FW-E2 corn peeling and grits making machine is our latest developed dual motor model. This is also a product upgrade we conducted based on customer feedback. It has the advantages of simple and flexible use, energy saving, large production capacity, good quality and higher cost performance. Once on the market, it was immediately sought after by many customers and became very popular.

Production Process:
1, Peeling: put dry corns (moisture less than 12%) into the peeling part. Then you will get bran and peeled broken corns.
2, Grinding: put the peeled corn into grinding part. The machine will grind them into small sizes.
3, Sifting: then two sieves will sift them into fine corn flour, small grits and large grits.

2 motor type corn peeling and grits making and sifting

Parameters of corn peeling and grits making machine

Raw materialCorn, rice and wheat, barley,sorghum,etc.
Production capacityAbout3000-400KG/H
Motor power7.5+4 kw-4p
Net weightAbout 450KG
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Finished products

corn grits

Main output:

1: Small grits and large grits, which is the most output or our machine, rich in nutrients and the best tasting part

2: Fine corn flour, which must come out when we broke the corn seeds, the most finer flour

3: Peeled corn, it is larger size grits, in some area people like to cook it directly and no need to grind it again

4: Bran, as it includes germ inside, it is the better quality animal feed in the market

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6FW-E2 corn peeling and grits making machine is our patented product and we are very confident that it will become a new product leading the industry trend. Not only because it saves energy consumption and is easy and flexible to use, but also because it can be used as a single machine for multiple purposes, and one machine can meet the production and processing needs of customers.

We have been looking for partners around the world and hope that interested friends will contact us. Our equipment will definitely satisfy users and achieve business success.

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2 motor type corn peeling and grits making

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