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mini flour mill plant price

Leading R&D
Fully automatic
High efficiency
Small space needed
Long equipment life
Beautiful finished product


Mini flour mill plant price is reasonable, The whole line of automatic operation from corn cleaning, peeling to flour grinding. You can also use this equipment to produce wheat flour or other grains. According to your needs, flour mill, cleaning machine and peeling machine can work independently. The finished product can be sold directly to the market, or it can be further processed to operate other businesses. We are a professional manufacturer with leading R&D level.

Grain enters the cleaning machine of a mini flour mill plant

Grains enter the cleaning machine

Screw conveyor transports

Screw conveyor transports grains

Grains send into storage bins

grains sent to mini flour mill plant peeling machine

Grains sent to peeling machine

Send the peeled grain to the mill

Send the peeled raw grain to the mill

Export of finished products

Export of finished products

Main feature flour mill plant

  • Can make grits and flour in one product line.
  • Multifunctional, used for grinding corn, wheat, rice, beans.
  • Fully automatic, one person can operate, reduce labor cost.
  • The equipment is of good quality, stable operation and long service life.
  • Simple operation can reduce labor costs. 
  • And the grains consumption during processing is very low.
  • Save space and energy.
  • Can adjust the machine and change sieve size to control fineness of the flour.

Mini flour mill plant parameter​

Model6FW-12ANet weightAbout 1970 KG
Raw materialCorn, wheat, rice, beans and so onDimension8750*1700*4000mm
Production capacity12ton/dayWarranty1 year
Motor power35.6kwQualityHigh Equipment

Flour mill plant finished products

The mini flour mill plant can produce finished products of different sizes
delicious food make of finished product Mini flour mill plant
finished product for Mini flour mill plant

Main feature flour mill plant​

Can produce 22 different sizes of corn grits.
The finished product can be made into various local delicacies.
Our puffing machine can be used to further process the finished product into puffed food suitable for all ages. It  is reasonably priced, has a small footprint and low energy consumption. This is a viable small business.

Mini flour mill plant production process

Mini flour mill plant production process

♥.Comply with ISO9001 √
♥.Advanced production equipment √
♥.O.E.M service√
♥.Every machine tested strictly before delivery √
♥.Professional service:Product use,Installation and operation guidance, machine maintenance. 

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