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corn flour mill machine

♥High efficiency

♥Low power consumption

♥Automatically grind corn flour

♥Little investment

♥Patent corn miller


Corn Flour Mill Machine 6FW-50B

Corn flour mill machine 6FW-50B can process corn flour with different meshes and specifications. The overall design is scientific, practical, and perfect, and it can work on one machine alone or can be used  in a large processing line. This machine is currently the most advanced small flour machine in China. Please know more at below:

corn flour mill machine

Corn Flour Mill Machine Features

corn flour mill machine
corn flour mill machine

-Function: Multi-functional to mill corn, wheat, rice, cereal, beans, even it has been used to mill industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical particles.
-Structure: Composed of a strong crushing machine, roller mill, sifter and cyclone system.

corn flour mill machine
corn flour mill machine

Main features

  • Highest level automation, only one worker.
  • Equipped with advanced roller and unique control system.
  • Professional multifunctional equipment with unique design.
  • To work with a cleaning and peeling machine, result is the best.
  • Chain drive transmission, our unique design to save energy and low maintenance cost.

Corn Machine Main Parameters

Model6FW-50BNet weightAbout 900kg
Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum mung and so onDimension2600*1400*3400mm
Production capacityAbout 12 ton per dayFlour mesh40~160
Motor power18.5kw-4p.Warranty1 year

Working Video For Corn Flour Mill Machine

Feed corn into silo, the wind pipe system takes corn into grinding room, then grinded corn goes to sifting system to separate flour from bran. Grinding rollers have adjustment system to control grinding fineness.

Finished product of Corn Flour Mill Machine

CORN flour

 white waxy corn flour👉

♥.The machine can be adjusted to produce different specifications of powder according to market requirements.
♥.Unique design, producing fine CORN/MAIZE flour at more than 100 mesh size.
♥. Multi-functional, ideal choice for family plant, food grain market, supermarkets, schools, and canteen, small restaurant, etc.

corn flour mill
Machines For Corn Processing
corn peeler machine

Corn Peeling Machine

Process to peel off corn skins, germs, root, hiliums and others for better quality corn grits and flour. Peeling multiple grains.

corn grits machine

Corn Milling Machine

Composed of peeling system, grits making system, finished product grading system, wind net dust removal system and frame, and a special current display device.

corn cleaner

Corn Cleaning Machine

Is a combined automatic running machine to remove leaves, corn cobs, soils, stones pieces and other impurities from the corn seeds.

Shining's Customer

In this industry, our flour mill machines are selling well all over the world. Like Bulgarian customers place orders again to meet the huge demand in the local market.

Shining Company's Customers first time order
Shining Company's Customers second time placed order

 The supply capacity of our factory is 2000 Sets per Month. Over the years, due to the emphasis on product quality and strengthening corporate management, it has won praise from customers.

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This corn flour mill machine 6FW-50B is carefully researched by our researchers. It has the advantages of high output, advanced process flow and beautiful appearance.

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