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corn grits machine

♥.Classic Professional Corn Grits Machine

♥.Surface treatment adopts powder coating

♥.Final product has 22 different specifications

♥.Adopts dry peeling technology

♥.Peel one time before milling


  Corn grits machine series are our classic and representative products, which are sold all over the world. They are equipped with our patented technology and milled corn grits and corn flour/flour with the best quality. The operation is simple, but the functions are diverse and powerful. They bring great benefits to our customers.

6FW-PD1 corn machine
-Surface treatment adopts powder coating to prevent rust and scratches, making the machine durable.
-Five years longer than traditional machines.
-Our technology can significantly increase the speed of the machine, increase the output, and have better economic and social benefits.

  Main structure:  composed of peeling system, grits making system, finished product grading system, wind net dust removal system and frame, and a special current display device.
  Unique patented machine and unique peeling and milling technology are our characteristics

Parameters of corn grits machine

Raw materialCorn, rice and wheat, barley,sorghum,etc.
Production capacityAbout 300~350KG/H
Motor power11kw-4p
Net weightAbout 360kg
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Finished product of corn grits machine

-The final product has 22 different specifications, from half corn seed to corn grits can be adjusted.
-After the corn is processed, the finished product is golden yellow with uniform particles. 
-The finished grits no skin, no germ , no black hilum, which can be sold directly in large supermarket . 

Corn grits machine market

corn mill machine fnished product

Finished corn grits are the best material for making puffed snacks.
-Can produce hollow stick-shaped, peanut-shaped puffed snacks, suitable for all ages.
-Puffed snack food is delicious, tasty, fine and scrip, popular in East South Asia, India, Middle East, Africa etc.
-Recommend our extruder A001, let you bring higher benefits.

extruder machineA001
Extruder machine A001

Very light, less space needed, low noise and low environmental requirements

About our corn machine

corn grits machine

We have a complete production process for corn machines.
R & D, Design – Raw materials purchasing – Cutting, Welding – Installation – Testing – Painting – Package – Transportation – After service
  Our machines are in compliance with the quality management system ISO9001, adopt advanced raw materials. Each machine has to go through repeated tests before leaving the factory. In such a strong competitive market, we have leading R&D capabilities. We have professional installation, use instructions, machine maintenance and repair.

Contact us about machine

  Our corn machine is a choice with low investment and high return. Compared with traditional machines, our performance is 5% higher and the service life is 5 years longer.

If you are interested in it, please fill in your requirements and we will contact you as soon as possible. Once cooperation, life-long friends❗❗❗

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