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Corn grinding machine

Fully automatic

Good quality

High efficiency

Long service life

Beautiful finished product


Corn grinding machine is fully automatic and can reduce labor costs. It has the advantages of good quality, high production efficiency and long service life.It can produce corn grits of 22 different sizes. corn flour without any black dots (black hilum).The finished products can be made into various delicious foods, and can also be further processed into puffed foods. At present, our company is holding various preferential activities.

You can adjust the Fineness wheel on the right of the machine to get 22 different sizes of corn grits from half corn seeds to corn flour

The front of Corn grinding machine
The side of Corn grinding machine

Main feature corn grinding machine

-Excellent peeling efficiency, removing corn skin, corn germ, root and black hilum, this is to make sure that final output is in consistent color without any black dot.
-The surface treatment adopts powder coating to prevent rust and scratches and make the machine durable.
-Dry peeling technology can save water, only need to peel once before grinding.

Parameter of corn machine

Model6FW-PHNet weightAbout 300kg
Raw materialCorn, rice, wheat, sorghum and so on.Dimension2200 * 600 * 1300mm
Production capacity350-400kg/hWarranty1 year
Motor power11kwQualityHigh Equipment

Finished product of corn grinding

  • 1. Corn grit is in consistent even size and beautiful color.
  • 2. Highest quality of pure corn flour without any black dots (black hilum).
  • 3. The final product after packaging can directly enter the supermarket and the market.
Corn mill for sale

Finished product of corn machine application

If you want to use the finished product for other small businesses, you can use our extruder A007 to make healthy and delicious puffed food.

capacity: 15-17kg/hour
Motor power: 3kw-4p
Net weight: 80kg
Dimension: 83x57x46cm
Raw material: rice and corn grit
Final output: Snack food


Almost no nutrient loss in the finished product
Can maintain the deliciousness of the original grain
Small footprint, low energy consumption,  high efficiency

Promotions of corn machine

In order to thank customers for their support, our company has organized several preferential activities. The following is one of the promotions.
According to the email received, among 50 customers interested in our equipment, a lucky customer was randomly selected, and a set of equipment priced below US$3,000 will be sent for free.

Corn grinding machine promotion

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1900 * 600 * 1300mm



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