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stone grain mill

Easy to operate
Leading R&D level
5% higher the yield
5 years longer service life
Beautiful finished product
Keep the original nutrition


stone grain mill

Stone grain mill is the most advanced stone mill in China, and its processing process can prevent the loss of the original nutrients of grains. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, high production efficiency and simple operation. The yield rate is 5% higher than that of similar equipment, and the service life is 5 years longer. Our equipment has been sold to more than 55 countries around the world. And cooperate with distributors to achieve a win-win situation. Now, our company holds promotional activities.

Stone grain mill of main features

Stone grain mill
stone grain mill
  • Low power consumption, high degree of automation, plate mode, small parts, no special requirements for the workshop.
  • It retains the original flavor of flour, high nutritional value, soft taste, rich wheat aroma, pure original flavor, green and natural.
  • The equipment has complete functions and complete configuration. Including the main body of the stone mill, the circular flour extraction system, the powder changing device, the bran release switch, the receiving cabinet and the bag dust removal system.

Video of stone mill machine

  • It can be used as a stand-alone work or production line.
  • The operation is simple, and labor costs can be reduced.
  • Compared with ordinary stone mills, its production efficiency is doubled.

Mill machine parameters

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum barley and so on
Production capacityAbout 250~350KG/H
Motor power10.8KW-4p
Flour mesh60~100

Finished product of stone mill

The fineness of the finished product ranges from 60 mesh to 100 mesh.
Keep the flavor and nutrition of the grain will not be lost.
The grains can be made into whole wheat flour with a stone mill.
It can grind many grains: wheat, corn, mung bean, soybeans, sorghum, rice, etc.

finished products for stone grain mill

Mill machine selling worldwide

stone grain mill selling worldwide
  • Relying on advanced technology, excellent quality and excellent service to fully meet the needs of customers in the market, our equipment has been sold to more than 55 countries/regions.
  • In order to achieve a win-win situation together, we have many agents. For example: India, South Africa, Italy, Nigeria, Ukraine.

Promotion for stone grain mill machine

  • If you want to invest in this industry, our company is now holding promotional activities.
  • According to the email received, among 50 customers interested in our equipment, a lucky customer will select randomly, and we will send a set of equipment priced below US$3,000 for free.
  • ❤ Note: Does not include import and export costs, freight, costs incurred during transportation, etc.
  • If you want to know more, please read more!
stone grain mill promotion

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  • Stone grain mill is the most advanced stone mill in China, the yield rate is 5% higher than that of similar equipment, and the service life is 5 years longer.
  • If we can do anything for you, please contact us! We will reply to you as soon as possible.
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