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Electric Stone Mill

Traditional Stone Milling Tech√√

Modern Electric Motor Power√√

High Efficiency but Healthy√√

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Electric Stone Mill 6FW-100A

Electric Stone Mill is a product that combines modern technology with traditional grinding technology. Stone grinding powder has a history of thousands of years. Combined with modern motor to provide power, advanced flour screening and circulation system, the efficiency of milling is greatly improved. That is, the traditional stone grinding process is retained, and the efficiency can be improved to meet the current social needs.

Electric Stone Mill Parameters

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum barley and so on
Production capacityAbout 250~350KG/H
Motor power10.8KW-4p
Flour mesh60~100

Our Stone Mill Advantages​

stone grain grinder
  • Made of special material stone, environmentally friendly, healthy and durable.
  • Three-layer stone, grinding on both sides, high efficiency.
  • Advanced screening circulation system, fully automatic operation.
  • Grind almost all grains and legumes, all purpose flour.
  • It can be used as a stand-alone machine or as a production line, with various capacities.
stone grain grinder

The perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology preserves the nutrition and taste of grains, and also improves production efficiency and economic value.

Products of Electric Stone Milling

  • Can grind corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, mung bean, barley, oats, millet flour, etc.
  • Low temperature grinding, without destroying grain nutrition, fineness can be adjusted from 40 to 160 mesh
  • Can produce refined flour with bran removed or whole grain flour with bran

Stone Grain Grinder Working Video

Machines For Other Processing

seed cleaning machine

Grain Cleaning Machine

Combined automatic running machine to remove stone and iron, large, medium, small and micro impurities, and other processes are completed at one time.

new flour mill machine

Flour Mill line

Whole line includes cleaning, peeling, flour milling, etc. All process goes automatically. The finished product can be grits or flour.​

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Flour Mill Machine

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"They have very modern and large factory. I am conquered by the machine working performance. And I know I am right as they got more than 50 patents."
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Mr Bhushan
Boss, Polaris in India
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Electric Stone Mill is a modified product. It is irreplaceable for other types of grinding equipment. The powder it produces is also a symbol of nutrition and health. The 6FW-100A produced by our company is of good quality, long service life, CE certification, and has been sold in many countries around the world.

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