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grain flour mill machine

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grain flour mill machine

Grain Flour Mill Machine 6FW-40

Grain Flour Mill Machine 6FW-40  is a new type of special grain milling equipment that we developed according to market demand. The machine can produce superfine flour with different meshes from corn and grains. Simple operation, high efficiency, energy saving and less space needed. Use the best grinding head and grinding roller. Please know more at below:

Grain Flour MillMain Details

6FW-40 Fully auto flour milling machine for corn and cereal grains
Main structure: Composed of Main machine grinding system, Yuanluo system, wind transportation system, frame

Main Features

  • You can choose the size you want. Designed for producing high fineness of flour, flour mesh size ranges from 40~160.
  • Main grinder transmission adopts chain type, which reduces working noise and saves spare teeth gear. This helps improve work efficiency and lowers grinding cost.
  • High production capacity but with low energy.

Grain Flour Mill Main Parameters

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, sorghum barley and so on
Production capacity200~250KG/H
Motor power13.6kw-4p
Net weight900KG
Flour mesh40~120

Final Products of Grain Flour Mill

Excellent Efficiency

  • High degree of automation, simple operation, stable performance, good flour quality, no heat, large bran, and high yield.
  • It is suitable for processing with imported materials in rural areas, towns and villages, and processing noodles in hotels and canteens.


  • It can process wheat, rice, corn, mung beans, black eyed peas, and other grain. 
  • Even it has been used to mill industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical particles.

Working Video For Grain Flour Mill

  • This video is about our process of showing rice processing to Vietnamese customers.
  • He was very satisfied with our equipment. If you want to visit our factory, welcome!

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Grain Flour Mill Machine 6FW-40 adopt Highest level of automation, only require one person to operate. Professional flour milling machine with unique design.
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