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maize flour milling machine

♥Fully automatic control


♥Little investment

♥ Space and energy saving


Maize Flour Milling Machine 6FW-30

Maize flour milling machine 6FW-30 is one of the star product of our company. This one is very suitable for partners to start a small business. Suitable for home businesses, grain and oil markets, supermarkets, schools, canteens or research institutes, etc. It is a automatic machine, which reduces labor costs and has no special requirements for the plant. Small investment and high return. Please know more at below:

maize flour milling machine

Maize Flour Milling Machine Main Details

6FW-30 Fully automatic Flour Mill Machinery
-Main structure: This machine is composed of one powder process machine of type 30, blower, air-lock, flour output cabinet, circular separator, white iron transfer piping, steel frame, etc.

maize flour milling machine
maize flour milling machine
maize flour milling machine

Main features

  • Fully automatic equipment, only require one person to operate.
  • Light weight and  less space needed. Reliable working performance.
  • Multi-functional to mill maize, wheat, rice, cereals, beans, even it has been used to mill industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical particles.

Maize Machine Main Parameters

Raw materialCorn, rice, wheat,sorghum and so on
Production capacityAbout 200~400KG/H
Motor power5.5KW
Net weightAbout 460kg
Flour mesh40~120

Finished product of Maize Flour Milling Machine

maize flour milling machine
maize flour milling machine

Good efficiency

  • If you grind flour befor remove the skin of maize. The finished product you get will be more superfine and beautiful, very suitable for human consumption .

Different sizes of flour mesh 40~120

  • Unique design, producing fine CORN /MAIZE flour for you.
Machines For Corn Processing
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Professional Manufacturer

  • Factory gate
  • Office building
  • Exhibition hall
  • Shipping warehouse
    We have complete product series.
    And On-site or remote live testing services at any time.

Shining’s machines –

  • Complete production process.
  • standardized production.
  • Every machine tested strictly before delivery.

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Our Maize Flour Milling Machine 6FW-30 is an auto flour milling single machine which is the least investment, high automation. Shining factory welcomes you at any time and provides on-site or remote on-site testing services at any time.
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