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corn cleaner

♥High efficiency

♥Low power consumption

♥Longer service life

♥ Fully automatic

♥ Stable Working


corn cleaner 6FW-G12

Our corn cleaner can one-time processing to complete cleaning. High efficiency and low power consumption. If it is aimed at corn for human consumption, it is necessary to clean the corn. It is the first choice to be applied to medium scale machine team.It is an ideal cleaning equipment for food grain processing factories. Please know more at below:

corn cleaner

Corn Cleaner Features

corn cleaner
corn cleaner

-Fully automatic and easy to operate–Reduce labor costs.
-Machine is composed of material sucking pipes, triangle discharger, fan blower, sieving cabinet, de-stoner, dust controller, electric motor, steel frame, transmission system, canopy, etc.

corn cleaner
corn cleaner

Main features

  • Excellent cleaning efficiency. ①Grading: separate larger cobs and smller parts
    ②Cleaning: remove leaves, soil
    ③Destoner: remove stone and steel pieces
  • Raw material feeding , wind selection, wind selection, remove big,medium,small and minor impurities, remove stone, remove iron, etc, all finish one time.

Corn Cleaner Main Parameters

Raw materialcorn, rice, wheat, plantain, sorghum and so on
Production capacityAbout 400~500KG/H
Motor power4KW-4P
Net weightAbout 300KG
Cleaning rate98%
Warranty1 Year

Working Video For Corn Cleaner

This is very necessary process to make the seeds clean and it protects the machines working in the following process, like dehusking / peeling and flour milling machine.

Finished product of Corn Cleaner

corn cleaner
  • Removing Silks, leaves, cobsstone or steel pieces and broken parts in one-time cleaning.

  • Multi-funcitonal to clean corn, wheat, sorghum, rice and other beans, etc.
  • High cleaning rate help you Reduce the loss of raw grain.

Machines For Corn Processing

corn peeler machine

Corn Peeling Machine

Process to peel off corn skins, germs, root, hiliums and others for better quality corn grits and flour. Peeling multiple grains.

corn grits machine

Corn Milling Machine

Composed of peeling system, grits making system, finished product grading system, wind net dust removal system and frame, and a special current display device.

rice flour mill machine price

Corn Flour Machine

Process to mill the peeled corn into very fine flours for human consumption or crush whole corn into corn meal for food or animal feed.

Order Reference

New orders for 2021 from old customers. Small automatic corn processing production line 6FW-8A. Including Corn Cleaning Machine 6FW-G12.

Pack and ship

Our packaging is very sturdy and suitable for all modes of transportation to ensure that the product can reach its destination safely.

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This corn cleaner 6FW-G12 is Medium and small sized food grain cleaning and intensive selecting equipment. It is an ideal cleaning equipment for food grain processing factories.

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