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new flour mill machine

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new flour mill machine

New Flour Mill Machine 6FW-P12AB

This is an advanced automatic new flour mill machine line for high grade market. Whole line includes cleaning, peeling, flour milling. It is easy to operate, occupies small space, but high efficient and produces high quality flour. Adopts one layer floor stand way, easy to operate and maintain. Machine is colored according to customer’s requirement. Please know more at below:

New Flour Mill Machine Main Details

6FW-P12AB Fully auto small flour mill production line for corn and cereal grains
Main structure: Composed of Cleaning machine, Screw conveyor, Buffering bin, Elevator, Peeling machine, Flour milling machine.

new flour mill machine
new flour mill machine

Main Features

  • — Cleaning machine is to remove all dirt such as iron, stone, sand, soil, hull or others.
  • — Peeling machine is to remove corn germ, remove root and black hilum then separate.
  • — Flour milling machine is to grind peeled corn or other grain into fine flour.
    Customer can adjust the machine and change sieve size to control fineness of the flour.

New Flour Mill Machine Main Parameters

Model6FW-P12ABNet weight1970 KG
Raw materialCorn, wheat, rice and so onDimension8000 *1500*3000mm
Production capacity12ton/dayWarranty1 year
Motor power43.1kwQualityHigh Equipment

Final Products of New Flour Mill Machine

Excellent Efficiency

  • The final output of sand and flour has bright colors, no bran, no bacteria, no black glitter, no flour, etc., which fully meets your needs


  • It can process wheat, rice, corn, mung beans, black eyed peas, and other grain. 
  • Even it has been used to mill industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical particles.

Working Video For Grain Flour Mill

  • All the machines are combined into a small production line. It can be split into stand-alone use. Cleaning machine, peeling machine and flour miller main machine can work independently.

Machines For Other Processing

corn peeler machine


Process to peel off corn skins, germs, root, hiliums and others for better quality corn grits and flour. Peeling multiple grains.

seed cleaning machine


Is a combined automatic running machine to remove leaves, corn cobs, soils, stones pieces and other impurities from the corn seeds.

grain flour mill machine


Process to mill the peeled corn into very fine flours for human consumption or crush whole corn into corn meal for food or animal feed

Our large-scale project production line

  • We have a 100T corn flour mill in the factory, which is one of the large-scale production lines.
  • We not only produce equipment, but also have rich operating experience.
  • If you want to do a business, we can share our experience with you.
  • Help you analyze the local market, Seek in-depth cooperation to achieve mutual assistance and win-win.

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This New Flour Mill Machine 6FW-P12AB we adopted highest level of automation, only require one person to operate. Professional flour milling machine with unique design.
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