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Happy New Year 2023!

Although it is already January of the 23rd year of the Gregorian calendar, the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year has not yet begun. Compared with the New Year’s Day holiday, the Lunar New Year is the most anticipated and grand festival for Chinese people. Because at the beginning of this new year, the whole family reunites, sums up the past, and imagines a new moment for the future.

Zhuhai Shining Technology has been in a difficult environment for 22 years, relying on our high quality, good service, sincerity and determination to share difficulties with customers, the performance has maintained growth.

happy new year 2023

The past three years have been very difficult three years. Global epidemics are raging, floods, locust plagues, wars, food shortages and energy crises, as well as large-scale snowstorms and so on. The survival of people around the world has been severely tested.

Although these problems have not been fundamentally solved, we have recovered a lot through concerted global cooperation. Various countries have realized the importance of agriculture, and increased investment in it, purchasing more advanced production equipment.

In the second half of 2022, our customer demand and orders increased significantly, also because various countries have increased their policy support. In one month in October, we signed orders for 5 sets of grain processing lines and many stand-alone machines.

Advanced machinery and equipment will definitely greatly improve the efficiency of agricultural production and food processing, and fundamentally improve the ability of the agricultural foundation to resist risks.

As China lifts the epidemic control and the global epidemic is basically over, we firmly believe that everything will be fine in 2023. With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, we also look forward to a better tomorrow, where people around the world are happy, united, healthy and happy!

Happy New Year 2023 !

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