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Flour Mill Orders in 2022.11

Flour mill orders in Nov. 2022. After 3 year’s COVID-19, all the world suffers a lot of damage to living and business. All the problems happened during those time, let us know one truth. We human people need food to survive. No matter we are healthy or sick, rich or poor, living in peace or in war, all need it. Agriculture and food industry are always the most important. All countries are now increasing support for the grain processing industry to consolidate the foundation of the entire country.

Benefiting from our many years of experience in the industry, advanced R&D and design, excellent product quality, praise and trust from global customers, and the joint efforts of many dealer partners, we are now exporting more and more orders.

Corn Flour Mill Order to Africa

This is a professional corn flour production line with 1 ton per hour, including cleaning, peeling, milling and sifting, fully automatic operation.

Due to the peeling process, it can produce high quality cornmeal, very fine corn flour and corn bran flour for animal feed.

Those machines are very popular in Africa.

Beans Peeling Order to Europe

grain cleaner

Cleaning machine to remove the stone or steel pieces, dust, light impurities like leaves in one time cleaning.

Professional peeling machine to remove skin/shell of lupin beans, white beans, broad beans and so on.

According to customer requirements, we link the cleaning machine and peeling machine together to make a production unit. This way customers get clean, peeled whole beans directly.

At present, we have exported a lot of bean peeling equipment to Europe, such as Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, France, Czech Republic and so on.

Wheat Flour Mill Order to Asia

This is an all-grain milling line equipped with the latest three-silo and four-sifting milling machine. Combined with a cleaning machine and a peeling machine, it can not only process wheat, rice, sorghum, corn, barley, oat, buckwheat flour, but also a variety of bean flour. It is very suitable for multi-grain milling in the Asian market, which requires high fineness and high quality

Those are some of the Flour Mill Orders in Nov. 2022. Our company is grateful to many customers for their recognition. We will also continue to serve customers with all our sincerity, not just to sell a piece of equipment, but to help customers do a good job in this business. If you like to start your own business, welcome to contact us at any time!

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