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The 132nd Online Canton Fair

The 132nd online Canton Fair opened again on October 15th. Through live video and vr showroom technology, buyers are immersed in the scene to feel the strength and commodities of exporters. This way importers can find their preferred partners.
Although the three-year epidemic has disrupted the normal trade order, the new era of video technology and the Internet has reconnected the world.

132nd online canton fair

This online exhibition is divided into 8 sections and 50 exhibition areas. Importers can search for the product name or exhibitor company name and enter the corresponding exhibition area to visit.

Online exhibitions have two major characteristics, the first is the live exhibition hall. Here, importers can communicate directly with exhibitors, watch the products and discuss transaction details.

The second is the VR exhibition hall, which is not only a VR exhibition at the booth of the Canton Fair, making it easier for buyers to find their favorite companies. There is also an exhibitor’s own VR internal exhibition hall, which allows importers to clearly see the company’s situation and product display.

We and Canton Fair

Although we did not participate in the online Canton Fair this time, we have actually participated many times. From 2013 to 2019, we basically go there twice a year. Due to the epidemic, the Canton Fair has been greatly affected. But we also participated in the Canton Fair in October 2021.

Every time we go to the exhibition, we will bring the machine to the site to test the machine. Customers can actually see the processing process of our machines and the finished products produced. Because we can really feel the performance of our equipment, our booth is always the busiest one

Finally, wish the 132nd Online Canton Fair a success! I also hope that the global epidemic will end this morning, so that more cost-effective Chinese products can once again reach global users smoothly. We, Shining Technology Co., will continue to work hard and use our best products and most sincere services to ensure that every one of our customers has a prosperous business.

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