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Dal Mill and Corn Mill Orders

Dal Mill and Corn Mill orders in half of 2022. The three-year epidemic has had a great impact on the world economy. In particular, the food processing industry has to face not only the epidemic, but also floods, locust plagues, droughts and other natural disasters, which is very difficult. Our company is committed to solving basic survival problems for the people of the world, reducing the price of products and making profits for our customers. Promotional sale activities were carried out. 

In view of our product quality and customer reputation, many customers choose our equipment. Here are some examples of orders for 2022.

Corn Mill Machine orders from South Africa

We have agents in South Africa, and this customer trusts our product quality and after-sales service. Bought our corn cleaning machine 6FW-G13, corn grits making machine 6FW-C2 and corn milling machine 6FW-35. In this way, the customer has a complete set of corn processing equipment, which is complete in cleaning, peeling, making grits and grinding. And packing, as we also gifted customers hand packing equipment. Then customer’s corn processing business can be up and running immediately!

Dal Mill Plant order from Europe

This customer is buying this pea processing line again. The first set of equipment he purchased in 2018, the finished products processed by the equipment are of good quality and are well received by the market. Despite the impact of the epidemic and the war, they are all doing very well and earn a lot of money, then they have added a new set of equipment. Their thinking is also very correct. We also want to tell the buyers: start with small equipment and affordable investment, give us a chance, we can make your business succeed quickly, and accompany you to develop a larger business scale.

Flour Mill Machine Orders from Togo

Many customers in Togo want to buy our equipment, but it is very difficult to arrange logistics, and LCL shipping is often unable to arrive. We finally found a friend from Togo as sale agent, Mr Crepin. He has rich import experience, can arrange payment conveniently and quickly, and has mature logistics channels. With his help, many of our friends in Togo were finally able to buy the long-awaited flour mill machine.

We trust that we will have more and more sale agents that can help our customers locally in future

The above is some Dal Mill and Corn Mill orders in 2022. 

Our promotions are also running all the time. More discounts and more free accessories, even getting a machine for free. If you like the product, be sure to contact us.

We are also constantly looking for more partners. We provide the best equipment, full service support; our partner to help buyers import and use. We believe that this must be a win-win cooperation. Contact us for details!

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