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COVID-19 is Over In China

COVID-19 is over in China should be the best news in 2023.

After 3 years, China managed to survive the global pandemic safely with minimal cost. When it comes to this, we foreign trade people think of the various crises caused by the epidemic, such as being blocked by shipping, customers unable to visit, exhibitions canceled, and trade rhythm disrupted. But now, it’s all gone, our good days are here.

Epidemic prevention and control
block of shipping in the world
fairs cancel

Chinese government declares outbreak over

On December 7, 2022, according to the current epidemic situation and virus mutation, the government management department has issued an announcement on further optimization and implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in order to prevent and control more scientifically and accurately, and effectively solve outstanding problems in the prevention and control work. The new notice has 10 new management measures. That is the end of the epidemic.

Our most special new year

This 2023 Chinese New Year is the most special and happiest festival everyone has had in the past 3 years. The traditional firework show, the pyrotechnics of dumplings being served in every household drove away the haze of the epidemic that shrouded people’s hearts. Relatives and friends, watching the party while drinking, the happiness of the past returned to our face.

The Chinese people are industrious, tolerant, and not afraid of difficulties. We have overcome disasters time and time again. We are united as one, abide by the rules, and always put the collective above the individual. We all are happy!

Welcome to China

Covid-19 is over in China, and all closures, isolation and other measures have been lifted. Our country is reopened. Welcome to China again, whether it is to visit our factory, or to participate in the exhibition, or to travel to China. You will never forget your trip to China. Our Zhuhai Shining Technology waiting you in coming Canton Fair! We also waiting for your visiting to our factory and waiting for more cooperation with you! 

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