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Flour Mill Types

The flour mill types we make are roller mill, disc mill and stone mill. These are three different milling techniques that produce different flour qualities and are generally used in different processing and eating scenarios. Please refer to the below introduction to choose the most suitable flour mill machines for you.

flour mill types

How to choose a more suitable machine?

1. What raw grain or beans you want to mill

2. Quality requirements for finished flours

3. What is the usage purpose of produced flours

4. The size and power supply of your workshop

5. Investment budget

6. Where you want to sell those flours

1st type: Disc Mill

The working principle is: put the material into the hopper, and after the material enters the crushing chamber, it is crushed under the continuous cutting of the round tooth and the flat tooth and the friction of the tooth plate. When it became fine powder or slurry, and then discharged through the screen outlet under the action of centrifugal force and airflow.

Based on the above working principle, the disc mill machine is generally used for whole grain or bean flour milling, the fineness requirement is not very high, and it can be used for human or animal food. The cost of the product is low, and need small area, so it is used in markets where the requirements for flour are not too high.

2nd type: Roller Mill

Working principle: It uses a pair of equal-diameter cylindrical grinding rollers that rotate at a relative differential speed to evenly generate a certain extrusion force and shearing force on the material entering the milling area. Due to the different rotational speeds of the two rollers, when the material passes through the milling area, it is crushed under the combined action of extrusion, shearing, friction and tearing.

Roller mill machine is suitable for milling small size grains or beans (crushed into small pieces are okay), and the produced flour has high fineness and is all used for human consumption. The requirements for the workshop are high, the floor area is large, and the investment budget is high. But the product is of good quality and is sold in the high-end market.

3rd type: Stone Mill

The inside of upper and lower layer of the stone mill and the both side of the middle layer have regular grooves, and the middle is deep and the outside is shallow, and there is a certain gap in the middle. When the grain goes down inside, it first enters the gap in the middle part according to the engraved chute channel. With the rotation of the middle stone mill, the gap obtained by the grain becomes smaller and smaller, and finally becomes powder.

Stone mill machines have been passed down for thousands of years. It is synonymous with nutrition, environmental protection and healthy diet. It is also suitable for milling grains with smaller particles, and combined with modern sieving processes, it can produce very fine powder, which is generally used for human consumption. Large footprint and high investment budget, but a hallmark of the highest quality flour. Sold at the highest end of the market.

After introducing the types of flour mill machines above, you can determine which equipment is more suitable for you according to your production needs. When the capacity demand is particularly large, there will be many changes and different options here. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

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