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maize milling equipment

♥.Classic Professional Corn Processing Machine

♥.Peeling Performance rate: 98%

♥.Adopts dry peeling technology

♥.Peel one time before milling

♥.Our patented machine


  Maize milling equipment is one of our best-selling series. It adopts dry peeling technology, and you just need to peel one time before milling. The effect of final calssifying system is excellent.Our Advantage: Patent Products, counterfeiting not allowed. Best Quality and Service. Durable Supply. Fast delivery.

6FW-H corn milling is our classic professional corn processing machine. Many customers praise the machine for processing high-quality finished products.

    The maize equipment has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, simple operation, energy saving and high efficiency, sturdiness and durability. It overcomes the shortcomings common to all corn processing machinery in the current market.It solves the technical problems of corn processing machinery with a long history, such as slow removal of impurities and low productivity.

Parameters of maize milling equipment

Raw materialCorn, rice and wheat, barley,sorghum,etc.
Production capacityAbout 350~400KG/H
Motor power11KW-4P
Net weightAbout 300kg
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Finished product of maize milling equipment

  Finished products can be from grits to flour with different specification whatever you want to get . Peel corn to remove skin, No black point, germ and hilum and polish. every process is done in once time.Final output grits are in very even and consistent sizes like millet grain, in yellow color and well polished with fresh corn smell.This machine can process all kinds of grains.Such as Corn, rice and wheat, barley,sorghum,etc.

Maize milling equipment market

corn mill machine fnished product

  Finished maize grits are the best material for making puffed snacks. Modern people especially like to eat this kind of no-additive, original and healthy snacks. The machine with corn grit as raw material, and can added different flavorings, use its heating to puff the original materials into 90 times amazing taste puffing snacks. 

extruder machineA001
Extruder machine A001

It has advantages of small size, light weight, exquisite structure, simply operation technology.

About our maize machine

  We participate in the Canton Fair every year, and this series of machines is one of our must-have products.During this period, exhibitors praised the finished products displayed on site. Therefore, many customers place orders directly on site.Your trust will be our best motivation, and we will make the best milling equipment to return to support our customers.We not only sell you machines, but we also help you develop a successful business.

corn mill machine

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