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corn mill machine price

♥.Dry and wet application

♥.Reliable performance

♥.One-time processing

♥.Can produce 22 different sizes corn products


  Our corn mill machine price recognized by customers. 6FW-D2 with high productivity(About 500KG/H), reduce the loss of raw grain, the processed finished products are beautiful, delicate and full of luster. We always dedicates to design and produce simple but functional machines, focusing on details, solve the most trouble and provide the most convenience for machine users.

Video: 6FW-PD2 is different from, automatic feeding, surface treatment adopts powder coating.

6FW-D2 Our unique and patented machine.
-The machine is easy to operate (we also have video tutorials), beautiful in appearance, reliable performance.
-It adopts dry peeling technology, no need wetting before milling.

-Corn mill machine can work together with a cleaning machine and a packing machine to make a line for producing corn grits. It is composed of peeling system, grinding system, classification system, dusting with air-net system and frames; particular, it has been equipped with current display device.
-Cleaning, peeling, crushing, polishing and sieve classifying into flour, grits as per customer’s different request.
-Corn machine adopts dry and wet application peeling technology, and the effect of final classifying system is excellent. The final outputs after packing can access to supermarket directly.

Parameters of corn mill machine

Raw materialCorn, rice and wheat, barley,sorghum,etc.
Production capacityAbout400~500KG/H
Motor power15kw-4p
Net weightAbout 400KG
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Finished product of corn mill machine

-You can adjust the fineness wheel on the right side of the machine, from half corn seeds to corn flour, there are 22 different sizes of corn flour to choose from.
-6FW-D2 is improved based on previous series machines. One-time cleaning, peeling, degerming, removing roots, taking black hilum, crushing, grits, grading, polishing.
-The corn grits are uniform, color and bright. The finished grits have a clean appearance, uniform particles,and bright color, and can be directly entered into large supermarkets and grain and oil wholesale markets.

corn mill machine fnished product

About our corn machine

  We are one of the companies that started researching and producing corn machines 30 years ago.Our machines sell well all over the world, become friends with many customers. From a single small machine to a large-scale production line, we can undertake and provide satisfactory and practical solutions at the most competitive price.

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