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grain polishing machine


♥Production capacity: 5000 kg/h

♥All the grains and beans

♥Leading research and development capability


  Grain polishing machine is one of our product series. Slightly moldy corn, wheat or beans enter the polishing system in the tangential direction through the feeding system to remove mold and fluff on the surface without damaging the grain. Due to our rich experience in this field, we have provided many customers with professional machinery and equipment.

-The machine is mainly composed of machine body, mesh, canvas with driving belt, core shaft and drive mechanism.

grain polishing machine
grain polishing machine
  1. Body: fixed in the frame 7 with a certain slope, so that can fit to the whole factory equipment or used alone.
  2. Screen: screen is made into a cylindrical wall, the material is polished in the cylindrical wall. At the same time , the impurities is cleaned out and get into dust hopper 
  3. Core shaft : is the core part of the polishing machine, threaded hole spiral in the core shaft to fix canvas with driving belt.
  4. Canvas with driving belt: is the key parts of the polish processing, it include the driving belt and canvas core . Driving belt fix the canvas core in the core shaft, canvas core distribute in a spiral according to core shaft hole .Material is polished, at the same time, forward material.
  5. Fan : Material produces a lot of dust in the polishing process, In order to avoid dust concentrate and influence the polishing brightness, at the same time, avoid the dust leak out and improve the working environment, fan discharge dust in time.
  6. Dust hopper: collect the impurity in the polishing process .
  7. Frame: overall the machine has a certain slope and make the body slant, regulate the liquidity of the material. Mobile rack-mount have casters. User is convenient to mobile equipment.

Parameters of polishing machine

Raw materialAll the grains and beans.
Production capacity5000KG/H
Motor power9.7kw
Net weightAbout 450kg
DimensionDimension 3100*700*1765mm

Finished product of grain polishing machine

It is suitable for various beans and grains, provide a polishing process that can remove the dust and surface soil of beans, so that beans will have a shiny and smooth surface and improve the level of commodity grain lead to high price.

Professional polishing machine manufacturer

  We operate a variety of grain processing machines, in this field for more than 30 years, have business contacts all over the world. Its leading research and development capabilities and excellent equipment have brought the greatest benefits to customers. Available at competitive rates, these machines are known for their efficiency and durability.

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We are a professional manufacturer of grain polishing machines. Let your  grain surface remove dust, increase the brightness of the grain surface, and remove mildew on the surface of the  grain.

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