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corn mill grinder

Adopt powder coat √

More than 22 sizes of grits could be produced √

Stable working √

One-time processing to achieve the best  effect √


Corn Mill Grinder 6FW-PH

Corn mill grinder 6FW-PH especially use of powder coat new type, color are more bright and long-time use. Now our equipment has been updated and upgraded, the service life is 5 years longer than traditional machines, and the rate of finished products yield is 5% higher than traditional machines. The size of the final sand grains is very uniform and consistent, such as millet grains, which are golden yellow and well polished, with a fresh corn flavor. It can also produce all kinds of food.Please know more at below:

corn mill grinder

Corn Mill Grinder Main Parameters

Model6FW-PHNet weightAbout 300kg
Raw materialCorn, rice, wheat, sorghum and so on.Dimension2200 * 600 * 1300mm
Production capacity350-400kg/hWarranty1 year
Motor power11kwQualityHigh Equipment

Finished product of Corn Mill Grinder

corn mill grinder
corn mill grinder

Great Performance

  • Put corn into peeling part to remove corn skin, corn germ, root and black hilum. Final output is in consistent color without any black dot.

  • Put the peeled corn into grinding part.Control adjusting wheel to get different size of corn grits, one powder corn flour and more than 22 sizes of grits could be produced.

  • Final output grits are in very even and consistent sizes like millet grain, in golden yellow color and well polished with fresh corn smell.
  • Final Corn bran could be feed animal directly.

  • Tips: We don’t produce all the grains in China. You can send us your grains to test. Until Now, it is proved that most of the grains can be processed by our machines.

Corn Mill Grinder Main Detail

Main Structure
It is composed of four systems: peeling system, grinding system, grading system and dust removal system.

corn mill grinder

Basis introduction

  • 6FW-PH corn peeling and grit milling machine is our new type corn processing equipment (powder coated body)developed by our company.
  • Beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy to operate, energy saving, high efficient, strong and reliable, etc.
  • This machine gets over disadvantages which all national corn processing machines have in common, starts a revolutionary in corn processing machinery industry. It solves many historical technical problems such as machine stuffing, slow bran discharging.

Working Video For Corn Mill Grinder

  • This video is about us using this equipment to process corn at the Canton Fair.
  • When we bring this machine to the Canton Fair, many customers came to our booth.

Machines For Corn Processing

seed cleaning machine

Corn Cleaning Machine

Combined automatic running machine to remove stone and iron, large, medium, small and micro impurities, and other processes are completed at one time.

new flour mill machine

Corn production line

Whole line includes cleaning, peeling, flour milling, etc. All process goes automatically. The finished product can be grits or flour.​

corn flour mill machine

Flour Mill Machine

Process to mill the peeled corn into very fine flours for human consumption or crush whole corn into corn meal for food or animal feed.

Canton Fair with us

Canton Fair

We participate in the Canton Fair every year, and this series of machines is one of our must-have products. During this period, many customers were very satisfied with our machines, so they placed orders directly on site.

In the most direct way, to show customers the finished products of our machines.

Canton Fair with us

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