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Shining flour mill plant

Shining flour mill plant includes cleaning, peeling, flour milling and packaging. It is easy to operate, occupies small space, but high efficient and produces high quality flour. The milling machine, cleaning machine, peeling machine and packaging machien can work independently.

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Samll flour mill plant

  • Dry way and wet way peeling, remove skin, root, hilum very clean.
  • And machine can be adjusted to control how clean you want depending on customer’s different requirement.
  • fully automatic, produce super fine flour above 100 mesh.
  • Production capacity: About 350-400KG/H

Samll flour mill plant

  • Model 6FW-12A
  • Main flour miller ,Cleaning machine and peeling machine can work independently.
  • Production capacity: About 500KG/H

Shining corn milling plant

  • Model 6FW-P12AB
  • Compared with 6FW-12A, 6FW-P12AB has a more advanced surface treatment process, and uses a new type of plastic spray, which has a better protective effect on the equipment.
  • You just need to peel one time before milling. There are 22 different sizes of corn flour to choose from.

Large flour mill plant

  • Work process:Cleaning, peeling, germ extraction, corn grits milling and packing.
  • Most advanced corn peeling technology in China, it removes corn skin, germ, root and hilum.
  • Final output: 4 sizes of corn grits, Corn endosperm flour and Corn bran flour.
  • The daily output of corn production line can reach 30 tons.

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Shining flour mill plant cost is automatic, which can reduce labor costs, at the leading level in China’s grain processing industry. In addition, it has the advantages of low energy consumption and small footprint, and its output is 5% higher than the same industry. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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