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Professional dal mill machine manufacturer in China

  We are a professional Dal mill manufacturer in China. This is a brief introduction to our Dal mill machine series, the functions and products they can produce. Including corn peeler, Dal mill machinery of Soy beans, black eyed peas, broad beans, mung beans, Chickpeas, quinoa, etc. Those bean machines are engaged in peeling work. Our machines are many varieties. For example, there are special peeling machines for broad beans and multifunction for dal mill machines.

dal mill machinery

Dal mill

These dal mill have Peeled Whole Size or Splitted Half Size. After dehulling, the bean kernels have a low crushing rate, no skin and no umbilical, which provides the best raw materials for dehulled beans for bean products enterprises. If you want to learn more about it, you can click on the corresponding picture.


Very popular Mini Dal Mill Suitable For Every Farmer or a person searching for a Rural and Agri Based Business.
Capacity: 200~400KG/H


Designed with wind separator to separate peeled grain from bran. Especially for broad beans, one time peel broad beans in dry way.
Capacity: 200~400KG/H

Quonia peeling machine


Especially for quinoa. One time peel quonia in dry way, the drier, the better. With lowest beans breakage rate. Quality reliable.
Capacity: 300~350KG/H


Dry way peeling, no need to add water for the whole process. The finished product is Splitted Half Size.  Capacity: 350~500KG/H

Dal mill machinery


Higher production capacity. With very low breakage rate and all the skins and black hilum are removed. Capacity: 1000KG/H


Suitable for all kinds of beans. Such as: Chickpeas, soy beans The finished product is Whole Size.
Capacity: 400~500KG/H

6FZ-B new high-efficiency grain peeling machine is a new generation of grain peeling processing machinery developed by our company. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, simple operation, energy saving and high efficiency, sturdiness and durability. The machine is also equipped with a current display system to make the internal pressure in the machine room and the peeling effect of materials clear at a glance. One machine with multiple functions, can process beans, corn, wheat, rice, sorghum and other miscellaneous grains, saving labor and time, and producing finished grains with brilliant colors and high yield.

About Shining's machine

  Dal is an essential food grain in India, and dal mill is the third-largest food processing after rice and wheat. The process of dal milling has been in practice from ancient times, and it has now become a commercial operation. We have full series of dal mill machine from one function model to multifunctional models.The peeled beans we get are purely peeled, without skin, bacteria, roots and black doors. The sand we produce is very bright in color, with good appearance and taste. No matter what final product you need, you can be sure that it is the best quality on the market. Our dal mill are used more and more widely in the market with their outstanding performance.

shining factory
Shining's Corn Mill

  We supply you the machines and the full pack after sale service, including operation training, local installation if needed, remote assistance and one year warranty for the whole machine. We will help you to start your business and make sure you sucess on it. So, we can help you research your market, find out the best products which is popular in your market and make the best design which can bring you the most profit.

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