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Dal mill machine

High quality
Fully automatic
Dry way peeling
Peeling rate 98%
Low beans/grain loss
Low electricity consumption


Dal mill machine is used for peeling and Splitting grains. Finished product rate is 5% higher than similar products, and the service life is 5 years longer than similar products. Dal machine can be used for peeling and splitting various grains, and beautiful finished product. Our products have been sold to more than 55 countries around the world.

This is a video of soybean processing. You will see that the finished product is very beautiful. One person can operate it, thereby reducing labor costs.

Dal mill machine details
  • Main structure: The machine is composed of a peeling system, a round sieve system, a wind net dust removal system, a crushing handle, a hopper, a feed plate, a frame, etc.
  • Machine Features:
    1. Dry way peeling, no need to add water for the whole process
    2. Low electricity consumption, energy saving and save production cost
    3. Easy operation, convenience and safe, all the workers can use it well
Model6FW-PB8Working capacity350-500kg/h
Peeling performance rate98 %Voltage220v/380v
MOQ1 Set
Key Selling Pointsenergy savingWarranty1 year
Net weight320kgMotor5.5kw
Raw grain

dal machine of finished product

  • Dal mill can peel and split various grains and beans. 
  • The finished products are the best locally and can be sold directly to supermarkets and markets.
  • The damage rate is low, there is no skin, no umbilical cord, which provides the best raw material for soybean dehulling for soybean products companies
About Dal mill machine finished product

dal machine finished product make all kinds of delicious

1. Make all kinds of delicious local food and bean soup.
2. You can use our other corn and beans processing equipment to further process and grind into powder, which is also a viable business.
3. We have a series of processing equipment, such as grain cleaner , flour mill and packaging. If you have other needs, we can meet your needs, and our equipment is of very good quality.

Dal mill machine of Finished product use
Company order volume

Promotion for flour mill

In order to give back to our customers who support Shining flour mill.

If the order of Shining flour mill for the entire company exceeds 30 sets, we will sell 1 set at half price. If the entire company orders more than 100 sets of Shining flour mill, we will give away 1 set for free.

Note: The discount amount does not exceed USD 5000.

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Dal mill machine is China’s leading technological level equipment, can peel and split grains, high yield, and the finished product is also very beautiful. If you are interested in our equipment, please feel free to contact us! We will contact you as soon as possible.

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