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grain peeling machine

Multifunctional to peel almost 20 kinds of beans and grain √

 Dry way low temperature peeling technology √

Beautiful finished product √

Only require one person to operate √


grain peeling machine

Grain Peeling Machine 6FZ-B

6FZ-B is our grain peeling machine. You can get bright, beautiful and shining peeled beans. Those are the most popular in the market. It adopts pure dry low-temperature peeling technology. Automatically complete functions such as peeling, separation and dust removal. Through friction, grinding and cutting processes, the hull and grain can be separated. In addition to corn, wheat and barley, it can also be successfully used for peeling soybeans, peas, black soybeans, lentils, black-eyed peas, mung beans, etc. Please know more at below:

Grain Peeling Machine Main Parameters

Raw materialCorn,soybean,chick beans,black gram,wheat,barley, sorghum etc.
Production capacityAbout 500~650KG/H
Motor power11/15KW-4P
Net weightAbout 750KG
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Finished product of Grain Peeling Machine

grain peeling machine
grain peeling machine

(1) Multi-functional
Machines with multiple functions can process beans, corn, wheat, rice, sorghum and other grains. This saves labor and time. The finished grains produced are bright in color, clean and high in yield. It is currently the most advanced grain processing machinery,

(2) Reliable working performance
This machine overcomes the common shortcomings of all domestic grain peeling processing machinery at present, and solves the technical problems of slow peeling speed, impure peeling or crushing in the history of grain peeling processing.

Grain Peeling Machine Main structures and Features

6FZ-B (Automatic feeding) Fully automatic, reducing labor costs

grain peeling machine

Main Features

  • Equipped with a current display system to make the internal pressure and material peeling effect in the machine room clear at a glance.
  • A new automatic discharge adjustment system is added, which can always keep the machine in the best working condition.
grain peeling machine

Main Structures

  • Ampere meter display system
  •  Pressure control system.—Control the peeling strength.
  • High-end spare parts,for example bearings,motor.
  • Peeling system is composed of feeding system, pushing system, peeling system, kernel and bran separation system, output auto adjusting system.
  • Wind web dust control system. It is composed of wind blower, wind pipes, suspending dust controller, etc.
  • Machine frame Use international high quality angle steel, channel steel and make it by cutting, chamfering, seam to seam precise soldering, etc.
  • Electrical currency display system

Working Video Forl Grain Peeling Machine

  • Multifunctional to peel almost 20 kinds of beans and grain.

  • Dry way low temperature peeling technology.

  • Beautiful finished product.

Machines For Other Grain Processing

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Flour Mill Machine

Whole line includes cleaning, peeling, flour milling, etc. All process goes automatically. The finished product can be grits or flour.​

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Grain Cleaning Machine

Is a combined automatic running machine to remove leaves, corn cobs, soils, stones pieces and other impurities from the corn seeds.

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Process to grind the peeled corn into large size corn girts, small size grits and little endosperm flour(starch). Proportion can be adjusted.

Machine Producing Process

corn milling companies

We have a complete production process.

  • All equipment Comply with ISO9001.
  • Standardized production.
  • Every machine tested strictly before delivery.
  • Advanced design. High grade steel materials.
  • Standard produce process, Skilled workers, Strict test before shipping.
  • Professional service: Product use,Installation and operation guidance, machine maintenance.

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6FZ-B Grain Peeling Machine. Surface treatment adopts powder coating, the color is brighter, wear-resistant and durable. One time peel beans in dry way.
We can design as your demand (production capacity, and quality…). If you are interesting in our products, pls tell me your contact information in our e-mail.

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