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Quinoa peeling machine

♥Quonia skin peeling machine

♥One time peel quonia in dry way

♥High efficiency,energy saving

♥Quality reliable


Quinoa peeling machine is one of our  machine series. Now our equipment has been updated and upgraded, the service life is 5 years longer than traditional machines, and the rate of finished products yield is 5% higher than traditional machines. 6FW-B10 This machine is specially peeling quinoa. Our products and services have won unanimous praise from many customers, and they purchase machines again and introduce our products to friends.


1.Low investment, high return

2.Reduce the loss of raw grain

3.Beautiful finished product

4.One time peel quonia in dry way

5.Excellent working performance

1,This machine is specially developed for peeling quinoa.
2,Peel quinoa with lowest beans breakage rate.
3,Quality reliable. Machine body is in powder coat finish, strong for long time use.
4,Patent technology, unique design.
5,Purely dry way peel, no need water or moisture wet. Peeling finishes one time with no need repetition, so it has very high rate of output rate which helps make good use of quinoa and improve economic value.

Quinoa peeling machine main parameters

Raw materialQuinoa ,etc.
Production capacityAbout200~400KG/H
Motor power7.5KW-4P
Net weightAbout 260KG
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Finished product of Quinoa peeling machine

-Specially design according to nature of quinoa.
-Adopt unique technology, it removes skin of quinoa very clean.
-Peeled quinoa is in grey and white color, no dust, quinoa germ is well reserved and quinoa not damaged.
-Peeled quinoa is in bright color and no broken grits mixed.
-Bran and peeled kernel auto separation, clean and bright.

Quonia peeling machine

About our activity

Lucky draw for Shining flour mill

Lucky draw

According to the email received. 👉If 50 customers are interested in our machine, a lucky one will be randomly selected and get a free machine with a price of less than US$3,000.​

   In order to thank all the new and old customers for their support and trust. We hold some activities.

♥Note: Except for the free machine cost, it does not include import and export costs, freight, and costs incurred during transportation.

Professional Quinoa machine manufacturer

👉We can design larger production capacity according to the customer’s workshop scale or market demand. We have professional production technology to meet customer needs. Secondly, we will test the equipment before leaving the factory. More importantly, in order to ensure that the product reaches its destination safely, our packaging is multi-layered.

Quonia peeling machine

Contact us about corn peeling machine

-Our Quinoa peeling machine cooperate with many customers at reasonable and competitive prices. Choose our machine to bring you more profits.
-If you are interested in our machine, please fill in your requirements. And we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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