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automatic dal mill machinery

Fully automatic
Dry peeling
Peeling rate 98%
Peeling and splitting
Less beans and grains are lost
Low power consumption


automatic dal mill machinery

Automatic dal mill machinery can be used for peeling and splitting many grains. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple operation, energy saving and high efficiency, sturdiness and durability. The machine adopts pure dry method for peeling, no need to add water, the peeling effect is good, and the output is high. We have developed more than 50 products covering the entire corn and grain industry. Such as grain cleaners, flour mills, corn mills, etc.

Video of automatic dal mill machinery

  1. Dal mill machinery does not require a production workshop and can better reduce production costs.
  2. Fully automatic production, one-time peeling, exquisite finished products.

Main features for best dal mill

automatic dal mill machinery
automatic dal mill machinery
automatic dal mill machinery
  • First, the machine can peel and split many grains.
  • Secondly, the whole process adopts pure dry method for peeling, no need to add water, no pollution.
  • Third, the ultra-low energy consumption configuration saves energy and production costs.
  • Fourth, the operation is simple, convenient, safe, and operated by one person.
  • Fifth, long service life, low maintenance cost, worry-free after-sales.

Parameters of dal mill machinery

Model6FW-PB8Working capacity350-500kg/h
Peeling performance rate98 %Voltage220v/380v
MOQ1 Set
Key Selling Pointsenergy savingWarranty1 year
Net weight320kgMotor5.5kw

Finished products by dal machine

Before peeling the grains

You can use it to peel and split many grains and legumes, such as soybeans, chickpeas, mung beans, and peas.

The breakage rate of the finished product is very low. Most importantly, the finished product is the best material for soy products companies.

Related machines

  • Our company has been engaged in corn and grain processing equipment for more than 30 years.
  • We take the technical innovation as the foundation, according to the market demand to provide perfect, scientific solution.
  • Our equipment allows you to obtain high-quality finished products.
  • Not only the dal mill, but also the cleaning machines, flour mills, corn mills and so on.
  • If you want to know more, please read the following three pictures.

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  • Automatic dal mill machinery is a fully automatic peeling and slitting equipment, and most importantly, the yield rate is 5% higher than that of similar equipment, and the service life is 5 years longer.
  • If you are interested, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.
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