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maize milling and packaging plant

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Maize/Corn Milling and Packaging Plant

This maize milling and packaging plant line is a fully automatic medium sized corn milling plant designed with capacity of 12ton/day. Function of the machine line includes:cleaning,peeling,milling. One line lines up on the ground, easy to install and maintain. Very simple structure, very easy to understand and operate the machines. Unique patented technology designed for corn dry milling only. Please know more at below:

maize milling and packaging plant

Maize Milling and Packaging Plant Function

maize milling and packaging plant

Function of the machine line includes:

  • 1. Cleaning
    Remove hull, remove stone, remove iron, remove big, medium and small and minor dust. After cleaning, the corn material will be very clean and be ready to be further processed.
  • 2. Peeling
    a. Peel corn seed skin. Highest skin peeling rate can be up to more than 98%, almost 100% of skin can be removed if customer wants.
    b. Peel or separate 100% of corn germ.
    c. Peel or separate 100% corn root.
    d. Peel or separate 100% corn hilum.
    For corn hilum, when you split the corn apart, you will find the black part inside which is the hilum. Our technology can remove or separate the hilum very completely. By doing so, the hilum will not stay together with final corn grit or flour, which ensure the color of final output is no black dots and in very good consistent color.
  • 3. Milling
    a. A bran miller to get germ flour used for highest class of animal feed.
    b. An output grading sifting system to separate flour or different sizes of corn grit.
    c. After milling, final output will include:
    –Corn grit. Maximum customer can get corn grit in four sizes at one time.
    –Corn flour. Some corn flour will come out during milling corn grit. This machine line will separate and collect corn flour in one specific outlet. This is easy for customer to deal with flour.
    –Corn germ flour. This is for highest class animal feed.
    –Corn bran. This is for ordinary animal feed.

Maize Milling and Packaging Plant Machine List

NoMachine nameModelQtyPower(KW)
1Multiple cleaning machine6FW-G2414
2Clean material screw conveyorLS411.1
3Wetting granary1
5Multiple peeling machineB24113
6Smashing main machinePM210.75
7Intensive sifting system1
8Wind fan and wind web
dust free system
9Machine frame1
10Total motor21.7

Maize Milling and Packaging Plant Technical Details

Raw materialCorn, rice and wheat, barley,sorghum,etc.
Production capacity12ton/day
Motor power21.7kw, 3 phase electricity
Peeling performance rateAbout 98%

Output Rate:

  • a. Depending on quality of corn seeds. If you want corn grit mainly, please use hard corn.
  • b. Depending on how you adjust the machine in peeling and milling.

Here is a rough date for your reference

No.NameOutput rateNotes
1Corn grit60---65%Middle size、small size、and minor corn grit
2Corn endosperm flour10—15%Middle size、small size、and minor corn grit
3Corn germ flour20—25%

Maize Milling Plant Working Video

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Guarantee and after sales service

1). Shining is responsible for supplying quality machines, for plant installation and commissioning.
2). As per international rule, plant quality is guaranteed one year, in the meantime, lucao is responsible to supply all time consultancy and technical help or guidance as well as lifelong maintenance and repair, relative cost if occurs, mutual parties negotiates.
3). Electrical control cabinet is supplied and installed by Shining too.
4). Production lead time is about 30 days, installation and commissioning dates requires about 10~15 days.

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