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How to Start Dal Mill Business?

How to start dal mill business? This is a problem that  plagues many friends who want to engage in this dal mill industry. Many people have given many suggestions. I think we should not only pay attention to how to start, but also tell our friends how to succeed. A business definitely wants to be successful, it is to make money. Then we will analyze with you how to start dal mill and achieve successbased on our experience of more than 30 years in this industry.

Step 1

The first step is to analyze the factors that determine the success of the business.

A, competition:

Is there already a large dal mill in the surrounding area, their supply capacity and dal quality are very good, do not compete with them. You can consider the dals they do not focus on

dal market

B, consumption:

Analyze the consumption habits of your target customers. What kind of dal they like to eat, where to buy, how much they buy each time, etc. According to these to decide what dal business you want to start

C, profit:

Profit = revenue-cost. Only with higher profits can the business succeed. This means that you need to increase revenue and reduce costs. In addition to using marketing methods to increase dal sales and reduce space and labor investment in mill business, choosing a suitable processing equipment is the key to determining the success of the business. It determines your raw material processing cost

dal mill profit
Step 2

The second step is dal mill market research and investment planning. Investigate the competition in the surrounding market and the consumption of the target population to determine the intensity of competition and market prospects, and determine the type of dal and capacity you want to process. Capacity is very important, which determines how large a warehouse you need to store raw beans and processed dal, as well as processing equipment. In this way you can basically determine the investment cost.

Step 3

The third step is to select dal processing equipment. As mentioned earlier, this equipment determines the processing cost of your beans and is the most important part of determining your profit. What kind of equipment is most suitable? Choose from the following points.

A, production process. The process determines the efficiency of production. Our equipment uses dry way processing, no need to add water or oil in the whole process, and the processing efficiency is higher.

B, production capacity. Quantity of dals produced per hour and continuous production, is the real capacity. Some equipment processes it once, drying it for several hours in the middle, and then processes it again. The average production capacity is very small.

C, processing effect. The best choice is equipment with high removal rate, low broken rate, high yield, and low loss. This produces the best quality and beautiful dal. Like our machine.

D, multi-bean(dal) processing. Our equipment can process more than 20 grains or beans. It can even process all dals. Our machine is multi-purpose and cost-effective. Please check this below video:

E, machine quality. Choose equipment with good quality, durable and easy-to-maintain equipment, long use time and low average cost. Do not choose very cheap quality equipment, the later use cost is very high. It does not save money.

Video for Multi-Dal Processing

Step 4

Finally, start your dal mill business and make money. By doing the above three steps, we will ensure that your dal business will be successful. Because you have considered the competition and consumption situation, you have determined the appropriate types of dal and capacity. The most important thing is to choose our equipment, which really reduces the cost. This also means that the same quality of dal, your cost is lower. The same cost of dal, your quality is better. Your business will definitely succeed!

How to start a dal mill business? If you still do not know the detailed process or effects to consider, please contact us freely. We will help you run this business well for sure. By the way, we can invite you become our sale agent in your area too. It will be a good business for sure.

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