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soybeans peeling machine

Peel beans in dry way √

Peel one time, no need to repeat √

Lowest beans breakage rate √

Large capacity √


soybeans peeling machine

Soybeans Peeling Machine 6FW-PB9

Soybeans peeling machine 6FW-PB9 peel beans in dry way, no need any water in whole process. Just need peel one time, no need to repeat. High output percentage rate with very lowest rate of bean flour or grits. Peel beans in splitted half size. Multiple functions to peel yellow peas, soya bean, garden peas, etc. Ultra-low energy consumption configuration, saving electricity and energy, saving production costs. Please know more at below:

Soybeans Peeling Machine Main Parameters

Model6FW-PB9Net weight620kg
Raw materialSoybeans, yellow peas, garden peas, etc.Dimension1560*1350*3550mm
Production capacity1500kg/hWarranty1 year
Motor power9.75kwPeeling performance rate98%

Finished product of Soybeans Peeling Machine

soybeans peeling machine
soybeans peeling machine
  • Great performance
    Dry way peel soybeans, remove beans skin. Only need peel one time. Lowest beans breakage rate.
  • You can peel soybeans, peas, etc., and split them into two pieces. After peeling, the bean kernels have a low crushing rate, no skin and no umbilical cord. Providing the best raw materials for dehulled beans for bean products enterprises.

Soybeans Peeling Machine Main Detail

soybeans peeling machine

Main Features

  • The whole process adopts pure dry method (cold method) to peel without adding water, which will not cause pollution;
  • Ultra-low energy consumption configuration, saving energy and production costs;
  • The operation is simple, convenient and safe, and ordinary technical personnel are competent

Main Structure

  • The machine is composed of a peeling system, a circular system, a wind net dust removal system, a stepless crushing handle, a hopper, a feed plate, a frame, etc.

Working Video Forbeans Peeling Machine

  • This machine peels dry soybeans with big peeling capacity.
  • No special requirements for installation. Try to install it on a concrete floor and keep the ground level.

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Soybeans peeling machine 6FW-PB9 Surface treatment adopts powder coating. Prevent rust and scratches. Long service life and durability.
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