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maize dehuller

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Maize Dehuller 6FW-PB4

Maize Dehuller 6FW-B4 peels maize by dry way, no need wet maize before peeling. Corn goes through two peelers and skin, germ, root and hilum are separated from maize one time. Great performance to peel the skin very well, peeling performance for most grains is up to over 98%. This machine has higher produciton capacity, it can peel 500~600 kg per hour.  It can match with a production line or work alone. Please know more at below:

maize dehuller

Maize Dehuller Main Parameters

Raw materialCORN/MAIZE
Production capacity500~600KG/H
Motor power11kw-4p
Net weightAbout 500KG
Peeling performance rate98%

Finished product of Maize Dehuller

maize dehuller
maize dehuller

Great Performance

  • 6FW-B4 is designed to peel dry maize seeds, no need to moisture the seeds, it is ideal choice for areas where climate is dry.

  • Peel the skin, remove embryo, radicle, and black navel one time, fast and complete. 
  • Great performance to peel the skin very well, peeling performance for most grains is up to over 98%. It can also peel other grains, such as barley.

  • Tips: We don’t produce all the grains in China. You can send us your grains to test. Until Now, it is proved that most of the grains can be processed by our machines.

Maize Dehuller Main Detail

maize dehuller

Basis introduction

  • This machine peels dry maize seed, with big peeling capacity.
  • It can match with a production line or work alone.
  • In actual production, to match an elevator is better as it is a little higher.
  • Peels corn skin, remove germ, root, and hilum to produce best semi-corn material for re-producing into best corn grit or flour.

Working Video For Maize Dehuller

  • The video is about 6FW-B2 machine processing corn. Also is a corn peeling machine. But the production capacity is small, only 200~400KG/H.
  • We also have machines for peeling other grains or beans, please contact us if you need it.

Machines For Maize Processing

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Maize Cleaning Machine

Combined automatic running machine to remove stone and iron, large, medium, small and micro impurities, and other processes are completed at one time.

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Maize production line

Whole line includes cleaning, peeling, flour milling, etc. All process goes automatically. The finished product can be grits or flour.​

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Beans peeling machine

Process to peel off beans skins, peel one time beans skin for better quality flour. Peeled whole side. Can peeling multiple grains.

About Us

  • As a professional manufacturer in China. Our factory has a large exhibition room. Here we will show our equipment for customers visiting the factory.
  • Some customers have become our distributors in countries such as Nigeria, India, Bulgaria, South Africa, Ukraine, Italy, etc. Everyone is welcome to become our distributor, please feel free to contact us for cooperation.
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Contact Us

Maize Dehuller 6FW-B4 Provide best after peeling corn. High-class corn peeling machine with large production capacity. 
We can design as your demand (production capacity, and quality…). If you are interesting in our products, pls tell me your contact information in our e-mail.

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