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New agent for corn and dal mill machines

As to corn and dal mill machines sale agents, by 2020, we have 6 sales agents worldwide, located in Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, India, South Africa and Nigeria.

We have been cooperating with these friends for many years. Based on our good product quality and after-sales service, more and more customers choose our equipment. We have also received good feedback from our customers.

Customer Feedback

These agents provide local customers with very good trading, installation, commissioning, maintenance and upgrading services. Help customers use our equipment stablely. They also provide services to customers in neighboring countries.

With these services, coupled with the advanced production technology and higher output yield, all customers have achieved success. We have fulfilled our promise of not only selling equipment to customers but also helping them succeed.

New agents in Vietnam, Greece and Peru

Sale agent in Vietnam

Mr. Mộc is focusing on food machinery sales in Vietnam. After he learned about our equipment from our website, he contacted us to start cooperation. Because he is very optimistic about the function and quality of our products.

We currently have many cooperative customers in Vietnam. We have sold bean peeling machine 6FW-S18, corn grits making machine 6FW-PC2, mung bean splitting machine 6FW-PB8a, and polishing machine.

Vietnam and neighboring countries produce and consume many kinds of beans and grains. Living habits are relatively close to those of China. It is one of the main target markets for our corn and bean processing equipment.

We believe that cooperating with Mr. Mộc will benefit everyone.

Sale agent in Greece

Mr TZAMTZIS bought a soybean peeling machine 6FW-PB8 5 years ago. He know our machine quality very well and he got the good feedback from customer by himself. That is why he decide to be our sale agent when he go to work in a turn-key project consulting company in Greece.

Sale agent in Peru

Mr Carlos is also an old customer of us. He bought a corn grits making machine many years before. When he find out that many more customers in Peru like to do this corn grits business, he come to us and cooperate with us again. South America is the birthplace of corn. More corn eating methods are popular among people, including corn grits.

Corn and dal mill machines manufacturer


We Shining Technology has engaged in this corn grits and dal mill or beans peeling machine manufacturing for more than 30 years.

Our machines have capacity from 100kg per hour to 20ton per hour. No matter single machine or larger processing plant, we all can design and install it for you.

If you like those corn and dal mill machinery, or want to cooperate with us for sale agents, please contact us freely.

We will do our best to help you open up the market, no matter from the price or various services, we will help you.

Because we know that this is a process that everyone benefits from together. We have opened up the market, you have gained customers and benefits, and customers have received long-term after-sales support, and we will all achieve business success.

Do not hesitate, contact us now!

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