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Corn Grits Beans Peeling Machine Customer Feedback

Corn Grits Beans Peeling Machine customers sent us a lot of good comments after using the machines for years. Those praise has witnessed the Quality and excellent Working Performance of our company’s products. This is also the motivation for us to actively develop new products and insist on making high-quality, cost-effective products.

PC2 corn grits machine feedback from Vietnam

In 2018, a Vietnamese customer bought one of our 6FW-PC2 corn grits making machine and 6FW-PB8 beans peeling machine. After using it for 3 years, the customer gave us the feedback that the machine was used very well.

In 2017, an American customer purchased the 6FW-PD1 corn grits machine. After 4 years of use, the machine is still running well. The customer buy more spare parts from us this year.

At the end of 2017, American customers purchased our 6FW-G13 corn cleaning machine, 6FW-PD2 corn grits machine and 6FW-S18 bean peeling machine and shipped them to Somalia. The customer’s family uses the equipment to run a grain processing business in Somalia.

Feedback from customers in 2021: The machine is running well, and there is no need to replace parts at this time.

The client told me privately that they had a good business and made a lot of money

50TPD peas peeling machine plant feedback from Ukraine agent

Looking at the feedback from our Ukrainian customers, the 50TPD peas peeling production line works 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. Good machines bring good business!

beans peeling machine feedback from Netherlands

This is a good comment from a Netherlands customer. He bought a 1 ton per hour soybean peeling machine to process soybeans and peas. He also tested the peeling of black navy bean and broad beans, and the effect was very good. Our equipment is all multi-raw grain processing, you can try more beans with it, there will be unexpected surprises.

feedback from sale agent in Negeria

Our Nigerian agent’s feedback stated that so far, all machines have been running well and no complaints have been received from customers. We have been working with this agent for a long time. They are currently one of our largest sales agents.

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Corn Grits Beans Peeling Machine are our star products. We also produce Flour milling Machine, Grain Grinding Machine, Dal Mill Machine and so on.

It is really happy to receive affirmation from customers. We will also insist on serving customers‘ needs. Use our best product quality and performance to bring the greatest value to customers.

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