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How to remove skin of beans?

How to remove skin of beans? Before answering this question, it should be explained why the bean skin is removed.

As to soybean, removing skin can reduce heat-resistant bacteria in the soil, improve the flavor of soymilk, limit foaming, shorten the heating time required for lipoxygenase passivation, reduce thermal denaturation of stored proteins, and prevent enzyme browning.

soybean without skin
peeled beans

For other beans, after peeling, whether it is making food, such as various dal soups, pressing oil, or further finishing, such as grinding and making baby food, etc. Compared with no peeling, it has better taste, improves processing efficiency, and improves the quality of beans flour.

That is why we need to remove skin of beans. For better taste or better beans flour or food.

two method to remove beans skin

A : Wet peeling. During the peeling process, the dried beans need to be soaked in water. The bean skin is separated by the different water absorption rate of the skin and kernel. Then dry it, and then put it into the machine for peeling.

Someone use oil for skin treatment. Or using drying machine instead of natural drying. But they must have the skin treatment process before peeling.

B: Dry peeling. This process requires no skin treatment with water or oil. No secondary drying is required. Directly put the dry and clean beans into a special peeling machine, which can be peeled. This process has high requirements on machinery and equipment. On the premise of ensuring the removal rate, the lower the crushing rate, the better, and the higher the yield, the better.

The difference of removing method

Wet Peeling

Dry Peeling

Notice: The attentive reader should be able to find that the machine for dry peeling can be applied to the wet peeling process.

Above are the videos of two dry peeling machines. No skin treatment is required in the whole process, and the removal rate of one-time processing is very high. And multiple beans peeling machine.

soya bean peeling machine
Black pepper peeling machine

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