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Food for Chinese New Year

Food for Chinese New Year – in China’s long history, food has always been sacred and held a pivotal position. China has a large population, and food is a very important resource for the survival of every household. Even many wars and dynastic changes are caused by food. Food is an important part of large-scale celebrations, entertaining relatives and friends, and expressing people’s intimacy.

Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people. Over time, the representatives of delicacies loved by people during the Spring Festival were born – dumplings and rice cakes

dumpling and sweet dumpling


—— There is Dumplings in North of China and           Sweet Dumplings in South of China

Dumplings — deeply loved by the Chinese people, are the staple food and local snacks in northern China, as well as New Year’s food. There is a folk proverb called “Big cold and small cold, eat dumplings for the New Year.” Dumplings are mostly made of flour and stuffing and boiled.

Sweet dumplings or called Tangyuan — symbolizes family reunion and happiness. Eating tangyuan also means family happiness and reunion in the new year, so it is a must-have food for the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

New Year Food for all Chinese : 

Rice Cake

Rice Cake, or called Nian Gao is a cake made of rice or glutinous rice, which is boiled and ground into powder with water. During the Spring Festival, many regions in China pay attention to eating rice cakes. There are three colors of red, yellow and white, which symbolize gold and silver. The rice cake is also called “nian rice cake”, which is homophonic with “nianniangao”, which means that the height of the child is getting taller every year.


In recent years, with the increasing living standards of the Chinese people, there are more and more types of ingredients on the New Year’s Eve, but our favorite dumplings and rice cakes are always indispensable.

Food for China New Year – no matter what we eat, it always contains people’s gratitude for the past year and expectations for a better life in the future!

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